February 21, 2020

The angels have a wonderful way of reminding us of their presence and our connection to them. I have a funny little story to tell about how Archangel Michael is working to reassure me (and you) that our connection to God, to him, and to all the angels is real. I’m still working on my faith and trust, but this gentle nudge with his most recent “miracle” is helping.

As I continued to edit The Nature of God: The Revelation, this section I re-read in January stood out. [Excerpted from an entry on July 19, 2019]

Archangel Michael: Every day, add it as part of your prayer routine to ASK THE ANGELS for help in making your business successful and helpful to people. Specifically write it down. Say, “Angels, please help me make my business successful so that it can help millions of people.” Yep, that will DO THE TRICK! That is all you need do. The inspiration for next steps will come to you with ease. You will be the “doer,” but the inspiration for WHAT TO DO will be from us. You can trust that like a two-dollar bill.

 Me: What does THAT mean?

 Archangel Michael: It may seem rare, but it is REAL. When you find it, you know it is the REAL DEAL. Just because you don’t see it every day doesn’t mean it isn’t out there. Of course, that’s not an exact analogy, because our miracles are not rare, but many people still don’t trust and believe in them. That’s why they are like a two-dollar bill.

People need to trust that we are out there, READY and WILLING to help make their dreams come true. For that to happen they need to live in the moment, in the NOW. It is not hard to make people’s dreams come true. Look at you! You are writing two books now and will write many more. We have helped you find the resources you need—a publisher, an editor, a website designer, the writer’s workshop to guide you, the classes you needed to learn to channel, ALL OF IT! It was all DIVINELY GUIDED.

In fact, everyone’s lives are DIVINELY GUIDED. We know their will. When their true will (soul’s will) is to do something, we can lead them down the path. If they ask, it just goes THAT MUCH FASTER. INTENTION is key. You talked about this with God a little yesterday, but it is an IMPORTANT point. When people share with us what they truly desire, we can help them.

The sharing is part of setting the intention in motion. I encourage people to write down their dreams and ask the angels to help them with those dreams. THAT RIGHT THERE—THE INTENTION SETTING—does AMAZING THINGS! It lets the UNIVERSE KNOW what needs to happen, and IT WILL HAPPEN!”

I reflected on this, trying to remember that angels and their miracles are as real as a two-dollar bill.

Then on February 1, 2020, seemingly out of the blue, I felt called to write/channel again. Although I hadn’t done any channeled writing since September, I felt Archangel Michael wanted to talk. I was feeling skeptical—was it all in my imagination or was our rekindled connection real?

As my doubts lingered, I opened the mail, and guess what was there? That’s right, a two-dollar bill!!!!!!  I just started laughing at Michael’s humor and insistence that I trust myself and him.

I encourage you all to have faith and to trust that the angels are there to help and guide us. If you ever doubt, just think of a TWO-DOLLAR BILL!!!!




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