Yes! You, too, have a Guardian Angel! 😇

And, Michelle has a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT to help YOU learn to connect with yours…SO EXCITING!

August 31, 2020 (for email September 6, 2020)

Good morning, gentle people, or good afternoon if you are across the world or check your email later in the day! Regardless of what time it is or where you are located, WE HAVE A WONDERFUL MESSAGE FOR YOU TODAY! This is Jim & Johnetta, Michelle’s Guardian Angel. Yes, we are ONE ENTITY, but we go by two names as we have masculine and feminine aspects and we want our name to represent both. There are no names in the spirit realms. We know each other by our energy, and of course we are all connected, ALL ONE ENERGY, with each of us having a unique energy imprint. But we don’t want to get into all that right now. What we want to talk about TODAY is GUARDIAN ANGELS.

Guardian Angels are AMAZING! They are like butter on a hot skillet.

Michelle: I’m not even sure what that means…lol, but please continue…

Jim & Johnetta: How about Guardian Angels are like dancing in the rain? Or a song on the radio that makes you sing and dance and FEEL GLORIOUS. OK. Not exactly, but they do MAKE YOU FEEL GREAT. They know YOU and YOUR ENERGY more than any other being in the spirit realms. Your guardian angel (and YES, YOU HAVE ONE – EVERYONE DOES!—regardless of religion or spiritual belief) is here to help you on your LIFE PATH and to HELP YOU FULFILL YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE. We know the goals you set for yourself coming into this lifetime. Yes, you may find this hard to fathom, but you and your spirit team PLANNED this life before you were born.

Not every action was decided ahead of time to allow you to use your FREE WILL, but your life is like an elaborate flowchart with many decision points. How your life turns out IS up to you and the CHOICES you make, which is where we, your Guardian Angels come in. WE HAVE THE MAP! The map is the “blueprint” of your life, and we know the IDEAL choices you can make to live the life of your dreams and to fulfill the purpose or intention you had coming into this lifetime. So, here’s the kicker, to make the BEST CHOICES, it is helpful for you to LISTEN TO US!

We have been with you in every incarnation and every lifetime (some of you may not believe in past lives, and that is ok). We love you more than any other being in spirit or on earth (other than God or Source), and our ASSIGNMENT DIRECTLY from GOD/Source is to help each person SHINE THEIR LIGHT, BE THEIR TRUE SELVES, TO MAKE CHOICES FOR THEIR HIGHEST GOOD, and TO LIVE THE LIVES OF THEIR DREAMS, and OH YEAH, TO BE HAPPY😊!!

We are also there during the difficult times, supporting and nurturing you. And, yes, you planned “challenges” before you were born. You may find this hard to believe that you would have planned to experience the death of a loved one or an accident or a job loss, but it is true. YOUR SOUL CRAVES TO GROW IN UNDERSTANDING, and for this to happen, difficult experiences are sometimes part of the plan.

Our main message today is to CALL ON YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL TO GUIDE YOU. They are always with you, just waiting to be asked for help. They are assigned JUST TO YOU and no one else, and they can’t interfere with your FREE WILL, so they are always WAITING for you to ask for their help. We ask you to start this week, EVERY DAY, when you begin your day, say, “Guardian Angel (you don’t need to know their names yet!), please help guide me to make the best choices for myself and those I love today. Help me be of service and to live the life of my dreams.” That’s it. Then, start to PAY ATTENTION. See what opportunities come into your path, what insights and new ideas you get that feel inspirational and exciting, and just see what unfolds. YOU WILL BE AMAZED!

Have a wonderful week ahead, and wishing you peace, joy, and angel blessings 😇!


Michelle and Her Guardian Angel


Michelle has some more exciting news! She was invited to start teaching Guardian Angel workshops! Like how we timed this week’s message with her latest adventure!?!? If you are interested in learning more about Guardian Angels and ways to connect to yours directly, we would love for you to join us! There will be three 1-hour workshops, Sept 26, Oct 3, and Oct 10 at 10 am EST over zoom. The cost is $20 per class. For more information or to sign up, visit Feel free to contact Michelle at with any questions. We would be delighted for you to share this with anyone who may be interested, and we hope to see you there!

And, one last note this week…check out Michelle’s latest video all about helping you build (or strengthen!) your connection to your Guardian Angel.  She is still getting used to being on camera and sharing what we have taught her.

Michelle: LOL…yes, I’m still a work in progress with this video-making business you have me doing, but thanks for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone! I keep telling myself, “Practice makes perfect:)!”

Yes, Dear, keep up the good work!

CLICK HERE for the video with tips on how you can connect and get messages from YOUR Guardian Angel.

Thanks for reading!




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