Guardian Angel Mini-Workshop Series

This set of three mini-workshops, each about an hour long, will help you connect with and increase your relationship with your guardian angel. They build on each other, but you can take one or all. Only $35 each. Future dates to be scheduled–please check back for more information.

— Workshop 1 —

Who is Your Guardian Angel?

We will discuss who/what are guardian angels, how to distinguish them from guides/ancestors, and how to more easily connect with them. Through a simple meditation you will connect with your guardian angel and begin the flow of better communication.

— Workshop 2 —

Messages from Your Guardian Angel

This week’s workshop includes journaling to receive answers from your guardian angel. Your angel loves you like no other and is standing by, ready to offer advice on whatever subject you are unsure about.

— Workshop 3 —

Guardian Angels and Oracle Cards

Sometimes we don’t have time to get all settled for meditation or journaling and we need some quick discernment. Your guardian angel is happy to help. Learn how Oracle Cards may bring the advice you need NOW. Everyone receives a message during this interactive workshop.

Looking for One-on-One Guidance?

If you’d prefer to connect to the angels in a more personal environment, schedule a reading with me.

Note: I am currently not accepting new appointments at this time while on sabbatical. Please check back for future openings. Thank you for your interest.

We all have questions, concerns, fears, or areas of growth that a reading can help with. Together, we will work to gain insights from the divine realms and your own intuition to help you live your most joyful life, fulfill your soul’s calling for you, and help you heal any areas that may need support for you to move forward. We do this by connecting with your guides and angels and, at times, with departed loved ones. I may use oracle cards during the reading to provide additional clarity.



Want to connect to YOUR "Spirit Team" to receive divine guidance?  Start with this FREE GUIDE to working with your Guardian Angel!