Opening to Divine Spiritual Support
(Level I)

  • Do you long to hear messages from God and the Angels so that you can use this wisdom and guidance to live the life of your dreams and to have peace, hope and comfort in difficult times?
  • Have you experienced communication from other realms but find it hard to believe or worry you are going crazy (or others will THINK you are out of your mind)?
  • Would you love to have a community of like-minded people who are exploring their spirituality and inviting miracles into their lives?
  • Do you just feel a little lost and wonder if perhaps you are missing your calling?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you!

 I am not offering courses at this time. Feel free to enter your name and email below if you would like to be added to the notification list if a course is offered in the future. Thank you for your interest!

About the Course


Course Schedule:

  • 6-Week Program, 60-90 Minutes per Week
  • Wednesdays at 6:30pm OR Thursdays at 12:00pm EST
  • Virtual (Zoom) – LIVE SESSIONS with Michelle and the chance to meet your fellow intuitives!

*Sessions will be recorded so if you can’t make it live, you will have the replay.

In these workshops, we’ll:

  • Explore how spirit communicates with us
  • Learn all about these magical beings and do a deep dive on Angels
  • Discuss methods to discern this information more clearly
  • Review grounding, energetic boundaries, sacred space, and methods for you to practice at home 
  • Participate in LIVE practical activities to enhance your abilities

With a background in business, social work, and education that spans nearly 30 years, my approach to teaching is logical, easy to understand, conversational, and FUN. I also aim to create a safe space, A COMMUNITY of LEARNERS where each person is valued for their strengths, where dialogue and questions are welcome! Two of the 6 sessions will be entirely devoted to discussing your experiences and sharing with and supporting one another. 

How do I know you can do this?

I know from personal experience what it is like to long to have divine spiritual support in my life, and I WORKED HARD to open up to my gifts (and again, WE ALL HAVE THEM!).

Many people who are described as psychics, mediums, angelic communicators and healers say they have known since they were a child they had gifts, and even felt scared by them sometimes.


My first encounter with my Guardian Angel was in the Fall of 2017 on a retreat, where we PRACTICED connecting with our Spirit Teams. Since then, my insatiable desire to know more has led me to take numerous courses on intuition, psychic development, angelic communication, and connecting with God/Source, Spirit Guides, and Departed Loved ones. I HAVE LEARNED THE WAY and AM DELIGHTED to bring this knowledge and experience TO YOU.

You will be AMAZED at the miracles that will happen in your life when you INVITE THESE DIVINE BEINGS TO HELP YOU!



Guardian Angel Mini-Workshop Series

This set of three mini-workshops, each about an hour long, will help you connect with and increase your relationship with your guardian angel. They build on each other, but you can take one or all. Only $35 each. Note: Courses are not being scheduled at this time. Feel free to check back for more information.

— Workshop 1 —

Who is Your Guardian Angel?

We will discuss who/what are guardian angels, how to distinguish them from guides/ancestors, and how to more easily connect with them. Through a simple meditation you will connect with your guardian angel and begin the flow of better communication.

— Workshop 2 —

Messages from Your Guardian Angel

This week’s workshop includes journaling to receive answers from your guardian angel. Your angel loves you like no other and is standing by, ready to offer advice on whatever subject you are unsure about.

— Workshop 3 —

Guardian Angels and Oracle Cards

Sometimes we don’t have time to get all settled for meditation or journaling and we need some quick discernment. Your guardian angel is happy to help. Learn how Oracle Cards may bring the advice you need NOW. Everyone receives a message during this interactive workshop.

Looking for One-on-One Guidance?

If you’d prefer to connect to the angels in a more personal environment, schedule a reading with me.

Note: I am currently not accepting new appointments at this time. Thank you for your interest.

We all have questions, concerns, fears, or areas of growth that a reading can help with. Together, we will work to gain insights from the divine realms and your own intuition to help you live your most joyful life, fulfill your soul’s calling for you, and help you heal any areas that may need support for you to move forward. We do this by connecting with your guides and angels and, at times, with departed loved ones. I may use oracle cards during the reading to provide additional clarity.



Want to connect to YOUR "Spirit Team" to receive divine guidance?  Start with this FREE GUIDE to working with your Guardian Angel!