On June 10, 2020, Michelle channeled the introduction to The Nature of God: The Revelation. In it, she shares an incendiary concept—the Bible contains falsehoods. She is correct, but we want to set the record straight. We, GOD and the ANGELS, do NOT condemn or disavow the Bible. Rather we find it a source of strength and comfort, and indeed, MUCH of what is “THE GOOD BOOK” is of the Lord, of Jesus, and of the saints, and should be respected. There are some problematic entries, however, that we aim to address now. The biggest ones:

  • People are not sinners in the sense that they are going to punished by God. Yes, individuals make hurtful choices at times, but we (Mother and Father God) work to help each of you make more loving decisions.
  • The world is not going to end in a fiery Armageddon. But the world AS WE KNOW IT will end. The time has come for love to reign and peace to rule the world. This IS the time of the revelation.
  • Oh, yeah. And that, THE REVELATION. A lot of stuff there needs to be reworked. The men who wrote the Bible were afraid of the end of the world, and their fears are PERVASIVE throughout the text. The bottom line, the NITTY GRITTY, is that there is no such thing as JUDGMENT DAY. When you return to spirit, you may evaluate your life with God, Jesus, the angels, the elders, and the like (Michelle will write more about this later). But there is no judgment or PUNISHMENT, only a “revisiting” of your life to help you see where you could have chosen differently. That is all. No sin or condemnation. No purgatory in the traditional sense. Only an energetic vibration where the contrast can be fully felt so you can better understand the impact of your choices. Jesus absolves all your “sins,” or poor decisions, and then you reunite with your brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, children, and EVERYONE in the spirit realms—happy and AT PEACE. PEACE AT LAST. GOD ALMIGHTY, PEACE AT LAST. It has been a long road for humans, and WE (Mother and Father God) are ready for you to be at peace—to live with love in your hearts and forgiveness in your souls. Spirits crossing over now will not reincarnate because we are moving from Karma to Grace. Karma was the time when you needed to learn from your mistakes, but now the time of COMPLETE FORGIVENESS has come. Not to say that we didn’t forgive you before, but you no longer need to live in the cycle of reincarnation. We are ready to move forward with a new world.

This is Michelle. So, no more reincarnation?

Not for the purpose of balancing out karma. Only for the delight of living a human existence.

I’m not sure I fully understand. Won’t people still have challenges and difficulties?


That makes sense to me. So what do you want me to do with this? Should I make it a blog?

Yes, and your email for this week. Tell everyone on your email list that we LOVE to change our minds. Rather than share a snippet of the book, we thought this was more important. Soon people will question how what you have written complements the Bible, so we want to set the record straight.

What do I do about the blog I wrote saying I wasn’t sure about the accuracy of the Bible?

Leave it, but at the bottom, include a link to this blog. This will clear things up for you and for others.

Thank you. Anything else for today?

OH, WE HAVE LOTS MORE TO SAY, but this is enough for this blog. Send it to Susan for editing and take a little break.

Sounds good. I look forward to hearing more of what you have to say. Always so enlightening😊.

We know! We are full of it . . . LOL😊.

What should I call this blog?

“What God and Archangel Michael Have to Say about the Bible.” Some will say that anyone who challenges what it says in the Bible is “of the devil,” but no one is evil who aims to bring peace into the hearts and minds of their brothers and sisters. Let others speak as they “will” . . . not to be funny, as it will be hard to bear the “HATERS,” but if it is their intention to be hateful, so be it. They will learn when the time is right. In the meantime, we are guiding Michelle to spread our messages of peace, hope, and love and wish that you take them to heart.

Thank you. I was a little worried about the “haters.” I will try to have compassion for them.

It will be difficult, but YOU CAN DO IT!

Love, God and Michael



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