Good morning, dear ones.

In today’s blog, I want to tell you a little about Michelle. This is going to be news to her as well, for she has no idea what I’m going to say. Readers need to know her to trust that the messages coming from me (through her) are real. So, here’s what there is to know… Michelle is not perfect. Like everyone else, she makes mistakes, but has a good heart, striving to see the best in everyone. Despite her best efforts to be forever kind, she fails sometimes. Her faith in her divine mother and heavenly father is unshakable, and she loves us unconditionally.

Understanding that everything happens for a reason, Michelle listened to her heart and is following her true path. Since October, 2017, she has studied diligently, learning about spirit guides and angels, the Akashic records (God’s book of remembrance), the spirit realms, ancestors, mediums, and psychics. Channeling did not come easy—she has worked HARD! Following several psychic development and intuition courses, Michelle is now taking a 22-month Angelic Healer Certification course, which really sparked her ability to connect with us and work with the angels.

Initially she started talking with her guardian angel, which is what I recommend for everyone. This is the angel that was created for you and you only when your soul was brought into being. They love you unconditionally and open doors to lead you to the teachers, mentors, and healers who will help you communicate with me, just as Michelle does. Now she and I link up primarily through writing, as this is her strong suit, but others may actually hear my voice or just feel a “knowing.” Connecting with me is a PRACTICE like any other skill you have to learn. Michelle has no innate channeling ability. Anyone with the desire and dedication to learn can do this too. I won’t sugarcoat it—it is HARD WORK. But if you ask the angels for help, they will guide you to what you need to learn and the perfect teachers to shape your study. Michelle’s skills will continue to grow, as will yours, should you pursue a relationship with us.

We are energy. We are not separate from you. Although you may not feel us, we are actually connected to you now and always. If you get an inkling that you are not alone and someone is helping you, that tingle is the angels and us with you, guiding you, supporting you, loving you. Michelle is starting to remember, and this writing will help you remember also. Read it with pleasure and excitement, knowing that soon you too can have a relationship with God.

Talking and writing with us every morning at 5 am is helping Michelle to hear more clearly. Uniting with us should not take away from your “normal” life, but rather, enhance it. Michelle communes with us every day before her full-time job begins. She also keeps up relationships with her friends and family, spends time in nature, and does activities she loves, such as cooking. Like Michelle, you will go about your daily living, but it will be more joyful, knowing that we are in the background, always loving and supporting you and guiding your way.

If you trust that “The Universe Has Your Back,” as Gabby Bernstein has written, you will feel safe and secure knowing that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. It sounds cliché, but it is true. The more you read the forthcoming works from Michelle, the more you will understand. With this I wish you peace and angel blessings. Have a wonderful day. Love, GOD

God wanted me to include a photo, so here it is. Imperfect me!



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