Good morning, friends, and Happy Sunday!

For the first time in a LONG time, Michelle wasn’t sure she would be able to channel this week’s message. She has been feeling a little “off.” She can’t put her finger on it exactly, but just a little blue. OF COURSE SHE HAS! There is SO MUCH GOING ON THE WORLD RIGHT NOW—a pandemic with no end in sight, racial unrest, people struggling to survive financially, parents overwhelmed, business owners worried if they are going to make it, and so much fear and hatred still rearing their UGLY HEADS. We know. IT IS HARD. We want you to know that WE ARE WITH YOU. Because humans have FREE WILL, we don’t control every outcome, but TRUST US, soon things will start to look up.

We know it FEELS LIKE FOREVER, and in some ways, it has been FOREVER that this has been going on. Not the pandemic exactly, but this feeling of “unsettledness,” that things in the world are NOT as they should be. There is much work to be done to return the earth to her natural, glorious state and make it a kind and loving and forgiving place. Indeed, in many ways, IT ALREADY IS. Just look around you. See all the people helping each other, the leaders stepping up for civil rights, and the environmental advocates doing their best to spread the message that the EARTH NEEDS OUR HELP!

We don’t have ALL THE ANSWERS (OK, WE DO, but there are some things we need to let you figure out on your own, with OUR HELP!) What we ask you to do now is be kind, compassionate, and loving (to yourselves and others). Be gentle with yourselves and each other. It is a difficult time, and WE GET THAT. It will take patience, and faith, and UNDERSTANDING to get through it. WE WILL COME OUT THE OTHER SIDE BETTER, MORE HOPEFUL, and MORE AT PEACE.

In the meantime, hang in there. Reach out to us if you need us. WE ARE HERE.

Wishing you peace, joy, and Angel Blessings,

The Spirit Team (and Michelle)



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