Dear Readers, Fans, Followers, and Friends,

I am delighted to share that TODAY I AM CELEBRATING!  I had been feeling a little blue the last few days because my book sales are starting off slow, but the spirit team is reminding me of ALL I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED, and encouraging me to TAKE IT IN. GOOD ADVICE FOR ALL OF US! For me, I was working a full-time job, writing and then editing a book, taking classes, building a social media platform, taking care of a home and family, and doing my best to take care of myself—meditating, going for walks, visiting with friends, and cooking healthy meals. HOLY MOLY! That is A LOT! I’ve also been seeing a holistic psychiatrist, taking steps to reduce my dependence on medication now that I have healed my trauma and better understand my experiences. As of TODAY, I am completely off anti-psychotic medication and feel fully grounded in my life. We have a beautiful new home, and they tell me this is just the beginning of this new chapter (pun intended) of our lives. And, TOMORROW, is my son Aidan’s 20th birthday! What a cause for celebration! The joy he has brought into our lives is immeasurable, and I am grateful everyday for our relationship and truly, this gift from God.

I also wanted to share that I am following the guidance that came through in the book from the Spirit Team–doing what I feel called to do when I feel called to do it. I am also a person of my word. I had promised at my book launch to do some follow up videos to answer your questions about my book, and I have been feeling badly for not getting to that yet. I still have full intentions to fulfill that promise. I just need a little rest at the moment. Thank you for your understanding and patience with me. I received some REALLY GREAT QUESTIONS, ones that will take some thought and reflection to answer fully. I look forward to a dialogue and to hearing your thoughts, questions, and feedback as you read the book.

Speaking of feedback, my publisher has suggested it would be helpful for me to gather reviews for my book as that will help increase visibility and sales. If you have read the book and felt touched by it, I would love for you to leave your review on Amazon and on my website, if you feel inclined to help spread the word. I would really appreciate your help!

That is all for now. I do still plan to keep up my weekly Sunday emails with channeled messages from Spirit. If you would like to receive these messages (no spam, I promise), you can sign up here:

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, as well as peace, joy, and Angel Blessings!

Thanks for your love and support!




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