TODAY IS THE DAY WE REVEAL SOMETHING INTERESTING! We are going to share with you THE WAYS OF NATURE and THE WAY OF GRACE. Nature, which people both revere and fear, is the way of the divine mother. She requires that you learn from your “mistakes,” which are not mistakes at all, but the life you planned before you were born to help your soul grow. A MASSIVE BLUEPRINT includes ALL of your LIFE CHOICES. Yes, you have FREE WILL choices within your life plan, but the GREATER DIVINE PLAN is for your soul to grow in LOVE, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS, and STRENGTH. This requires trials and tribulations, which we know are DIFFICULT!  Just remember that WE ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU, guiding and supporting you at every turn. We are sad to see you struggle so, and we know it is PAINFUL at times, but we want you to TRUST that there IS MEANING IN YOUR SUFFERING. As we have said before, it is like childbirth. When folks choose to be parents, they know there will be hard moments, like labor, that they will have to go through in order to receive the GIFT of being parents. So it is with your SOUL. Your SOUL desires to KNOW ITSELF, to be a parent of itself, if you will, and to birth new creation and understanding.

The way of the father (the masculine energy that is the source, the universe, all that is, the being you call your higher power, whatever term you want to use) is THE WAY OF GRACE. This is to say that all “sins” are forgiven even before they are “committed.” You can DO NO WRONG IN OUR EYES. We know you are living out your “calling,” and for that we are truly grateful. You see, your divine mother and heavenly father experience the world THROUGH YOU. It is through your willingness to suffer and struggle that we (all of us, the whole collective) get to experience love, joy, creativity, freedom, strength, power, sadness, grief, longing, desire, and so on. In the heavenly realms we know only the ENERGY OF LOVE, which is quite different from the EXPERIENCE OF LOVE. To FEEL LOVE through the senses is GLORIOUS.

This is all we will say for now. JUST KNOW that the events of your life ARE NOT RANDOM. EVERY MOMENT IN TIME, EVERY HAIR ON YOUR HEAD, EVERY EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE—all of it is DIVINELY GUIDED. Have faith and TRUST THAT WE ARE HERE, supporting and guiding you. We have given you an “internal compass” to help you find your WAY back to us, to KNOW that we are here and that your life can be magical, if only you allow it.

OK, we said that is all and we kept going. We will stop for now. Michelle is tired, as she is packing and moving her WHOLE HOUSE on Monday (tomorrow by the time you get this). SHE IS TIERED (how her Polish friend texts and says tired, which Michelle always finds humorous). We may not have an email next week depending on how the move goes. But know that Michelle is thinking of each of you and that she loves sending these emails to inspire and support you. She wishes you all the best and will be back in touch once she is settled in.






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