This week’s message from Spirit:

“The sun is still there, even when you don’t see it.”

Let me provide some context to illustrate the message more fully.

As of late, I have been savoring my morning spiritual routine, getting up at the crack of dawn before the rest of the world awakens so I can journal, pray, meditate, and watch the sunrise in peace and solitude. This sets the foundation for my busy days, and it has been crucial for my present healing journey.

I recently faced some personal difficulties which I won’t detail here, but I share to let you know that yes, even when you are divinely connected (and we are ALL divinely connected), you are not immune from the challenges that come with being a spirit in a human body!

Lightworker School, a program I am currently taking to continue to expand my gifts, has been a Godsend… literally (angel emoji). On a recent call for the course, our teacher shared the idea that even when the clouds block the sun, THE SUN IS STILL THERE. Just because we don’t SEE IT doesn’t mean it has GONE AWAY.

I was a little astonished.

This is a message I have shared often with my clients in my role as a spiritual teacher and guide, so it was pretty AWESOME that my spirit team is bringing that message back to me when I need to hear it most.

When you go through a dark moment in your life, or even just a cloudy one😊, you’ll know the SUN (God, Source, the Universe, whatever you choose to call that mystery that brings divine order to our lives) IS ALWAYS THERE. On this, you can rely with unshakeable confidence.

Hope this message brings you comfort as it did me. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, filled with peace, joy, angel blessings, AND LOTS OF SUNSHINE, EVEN IF YOU CAN’T SEE IT😊.

With love and gratitude,

Michelle and Her Spirit Team



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