5 Things God Would Like You to Know about Them

Channeled Messages from Your Heavenly Father and Divine Mother

1. God is neither male nor female.

God is actually a highly vibrating energy of love that does not know gender.  They (God wants me to start using this pronoun for God) want us to know that we need to be kinder to those who are struggling with gender identity.  These individuals are closest to God, in the sense that they are not conforming to a particular gender. We, our society, has been cruel to these people, and their suffering is great.  God wants us to be kinder to them, and indeed for them to be kinder to themselves. Many feel like they are “broken” or “wrong” and we want them to know that they are LIKE GOD. That is right.  All my children are LIKE GOD, but they are the most like us, and we want them (and you the reader) to understand this.

2. God loves you, no matter what!

Yes, God wanted me to put this after the male/female part because of the importance of that point. This is a critical point, but they (God) wanted this to be second to stress the importance of the first. So, yes, God loves us unconditionally, NO MATTER WHAT we think, say, do, feel. There is nothing we can do that will make us lose God’s love. There is no such place as hell. God never punishes us for anything we do, and they (God) never judge. They (God) recognize sometimes we do things that are not in our best interests, but they (God) allows us the free will to make those choices. What kind of “free will” would it be if God sent us to hell for making “bad” choices??? This has been one of the biggest misconceptions about God, that they (God) are a punishing God to be feared, and this is simply not true. God is LOVE, that is their only emotion. They (God) have felt other emotions through our experiences here on earth (I’ll talk about this more in a future blog), but their only primary feeling is LOVE. They know not hate, and indeed, could never hate or punish their children. Their children experience pain because of the choices they make, not because of God punishing them. There is much to say on this (again in a future blog), so just know now there is NOTHING you can do to lose God’s love. Even Hitler went to Heaven.

3. Love thyself.

God wants us each to love ourselves for who we truly are. Not to hide the parts of ourselves we feel are too embarrassing or too shameful.  There is nothing that we need to hide. Sure, some people will judge us, and I’ll talk about that next, but first it is important to know that God loves you FOR WHO YOU ARE. They created each of us souls to be an expression of God.  Each of us has unique talents, personalities, and way of being and loving that no other person has. It is like a fingerprint or a flower, no 2 are alike. So, it is with our children. We love each of you FOR WHO YOU ARE. There are times you feel depressed or disconnected from us. These are the times when you are not expressing WHO YOU TRULY ARE.  When you do this, you attract love into your life. In human form, that is your greatest desire, to be in loving relationship, whether it be with friends, family, partners, co-workers, even strangers. You desire to love and be loved, and this is how we created you. Please be who you are and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

4. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

We are all children of God, and God loves each and every one of us equally, but for our uniqueness.  God wants us, their children, to do the same, meaning to love each other for who you are. When you accept others, flaws and all, and love them no matter what, the world will be at peace. It is our judgements of ourselves and each other that cause all the problems. If we don’t judge another as wrong, just accept that they are making a different choice than we might make, and to have compassion as to why they might be making that choice (almost always a feeling of disconnection or some past trauma if they are doing something hurtful). REMEMBER YOUR COMPASSION and PRACTICE EMPATHY.  Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and try to consider why they might be behaving in the way they are. This opens the door to forgiveness. Forgiveness is the bridge back to God. (Michelle will talk about this in a future blog).

5. God created Angels to help and protect us.

YES, we all have a guardian angel that was created for us when our souls were created. Each person has their very own guardian angel, assigned just to them. They know everything you do, can count every hair on your head, and they love you SO MUCH.  You can do no wrong in their eyes. They are always guiding you on your path, but they cannot interfere with your free will. If you want their help, all you have to do ASK!!! Say, Guardian Angel, please help me with my path in life. Or, Guardian Angel, please give me strength, or please comfort me.  Whatever you need help with, even Guardian Angel, help me find a good parking spot…LOL. Yes, there is nothing too great or too small for your Guardian Angels to help you with. There are an infinite number of angels that help humans EVERY DAY. They are always with you. Michelle is writing another blog called, The Nature of Angels: The Pathway Back to God, where she will talk more about this.

That is all for now. There is so much more to share with you, my children.  I look forward to working with Michelle to bring this information into the world.  Now is the time for you, and the world, to be healed.

Love, GOD


This and more will be part of my forthcoming book, The Nature of God: The Revelation, which will include channeled messages from your Heavenly Father and Divine Mother.  Stay tuned for more information as the book nears completion. I look forward to sharing what God would like you to know! In the meantime, please feel free to post comments and to let me know what you think about this writing and how it impacts your life, your beliefs, and your relationships.  Thank you for reading.

I am so grateful to be sharing this work with you!

~Michelle McCann
Author and Divine Channel



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