August 18, 2020

Michelle: Good morning. Sitting outside at 7:30 a.m. That’s late for me. I would love to write a blog for this week. I’m getting nervous that I’ve lost my connection, so please reassure me and help me to share a message of peace, hope, and love with readers.

The Spirit Team: TODAY MY DEAR, we are going to talk about self-confidence. The kind of self-confidence that comes from KNOWING YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! I know you are having fears about money and our connection, but WE ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU. IN THIS YOU CAN TRUST. We know sometimes our voices seem less clear or confusing, and THAT IS OK. Remember, you are still LEARNING YOUR CRAFT. And we want your readers to know that connection with us does not always come easily and sometimes can feel distant or full of static.

Michelle, you have worked so long and so hard to hone your channeling ability, develop your spiritual skills, and write your book. You were up before dawn every day, busy every second. Now that you’ve published The Nature of God, things have slowed a bit, leaving you at sixes and sevens and a bit out of sorts. You’ve had time to breathe, and ALL KINDS OF FEARS HAVE BUBBLED UP in the void. We want you to know THAT IS OK TOO. We understand it is HARD to live a human life, with all the turmoil and suffering, and when it feels like we are not helping you, you start to despair. BUT REMEMBER, THERE IS A REASON. THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON. You may not understand the struggle and difficulties you need to go through to grow in love and compassion and FAITH. It is time for you to develop a new routine, one that is not as grueling as your previous one, but one that keeps you in regular contact with us. This will reassure you that our connection is sound.

So, yes, we’ll get back to SELF-CONFIDENCE. Self-confidence comes when you have FAITH THAT ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE. Yes, you have free will choices and may make decisions that are not for your highest good, but WE (God, the angels, your ancestors, and MANY, MANY spirit beings) ARE HERE, always leading you back to your path. YOU JUST HAVE TO LISTEN. And listening gets harder when you are afraid. We know this seems counterintuitive, as you think you would hear us more strongly when you are scared. But that is not the case. FEAR DROWNS OUT OUR VOICES. Remember on your walk a few days ago, we gave you an image of a “fear cloud.” What we want you to do is imagine there is a cartoon-like cloud hovering over your head. It LOOKS ominous, but it is only A CLOUD. Sure, it might rain. You might get wet. You might take cover and stay dry. WHO KNOWS? But the point is, the CLOUD CAN’T HURT YOU—IT JUST LOOKS SCARY. And we told you, “Don’t let FEAR be a bully.”

Yes! I thought that was really great! I do let fear be a bully too much in my life. I know I have gifts to bring and want to share of myself and YOUR wisdom. I’m just scared sometimes that I can’t do it.

We know, Dear, but we have called YOU (and all your readers) to connect with us on a regular basis. Go within. Sit in silence. Walk in nature. LISTEN FOR OUR VOICES. We are here to guide and direct your life so that it can be MAGICAL, WONDERFUL, and FULFILLING.

Any other messages for today?

No, that is enough. We encourage YOU and YOUR READERS to reflect on your lives and HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME. You always feel like there is more to do, but each and every one of you GIVE SO MUCH OF YOURSELVES EVERY DAY—in that encouraging conversation with a friend, in those words of wisdom to your son, in your donation to the homeless shelter, and in just making a meal and nourishing yourself and others. LIFE IS IN THE LITTLE THINGS. Everyone gets so caught up in the BIG things they are meant to do (and that IS GREAT!), but don’t lose sight of the little things. THEY MATTER.

That is all for today. Send this to Susan for editing and call it “The Path to Self-Confidence: Learning to Have FAITH that ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE.” Have a good day, Dear, and thanks for “keeping at it!” YOU GOT THIS!

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