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Inspirational, Informational, & Funny

Editing Michelle McCann’s book showed me a wealth of new ideas for creating a life of peace and love. A roadmap for connecting with God and the angels, it is inspirational, informational, and funny.

Creative Power Writing/Susan Robinson Voice Actor

Messages are Profound

When God speaks…Michelle listens…and the messages are profound. The Nature of God: The Revelation is a must read during this time like no other in recent history. Uplifting and full of hope!

Barbara J. Hacking, Author of When a Butterfly Speaks...Whispered Life Lessons, Ontario, Canada

A Relief

Reading The Nature of God: The Revelation has given me great comfort. God and Archangel Michael have such a sense of humour. Knowing we are loved and not judged, and having a road map for the days and years ahead, is such a relief.”

Lesley Jepps, Author, Umbrella in Time and The Time Crystals, East Sussex, England

My Faith has Grown a Little Stronger

I really like that you don’t have to be of a certain religion to read this, and relate to it.  I’m catholic, but I feel like anyone could get a lot out of this book. My faith has grown a little stronger lately, and reading this book right now is perfect for me.

Ana, Delaware, USA

Definitely What the World Needs Right Now

I started reading your manuscript. I love it! It’s so open, honest, vulnerable and authentic. In my humble opinion, it’s definitely what the world needs right now. It’s also very meaningful to me personally, and certainly no coincidence that it came to me at this moment of my life. It resonates a lot with my experiences. 


Kati, Oaxaca, Mexico

A compelling reminder to slow down, be open and listen

The Nature of God: The Revelation is an extraordinary example of how vulnerability can help the initial risk taker and those that take the time to absorb the journey, contemplate, reflect and most of all connect.  

It is very relatable, as you read you sense the personal connections between Michelle, God, and Michael. The humor woven throughout also lends to a personal and familiar feel.

The story evokes mindfulness about oneself, encourages contemplation and reflection which is needed now more than any time before. Contemplation and reflection on how we approach our interactions with the spiritual world, earthly world and one another.  

Overall it is a compelling reminder to slow down, be open and listen. This last one is probably the gift for me from the book.  Having spent time before really focused on this mindset and investment in materials, it was a solid “hey, get back here!” 


M Feif G, Delaware, USA

What an amazing experience

What an amazing experience Michelle has had, and is continuing to have. And she’s sharing it with us! I didn’t realize communicating with God and the angels could be like this. After reading this book, I feel a bit more knowledgeable about life and a bit more hopeful.


This Book Is Amazing!

Holy crap is this book amazing! If you wanna be mind blown and feel at total peace and understanding all at once, this is the book for you!


Open this book and open up to a new understanding 🌎🙏

This book is amazing! The channeled messages have cleared up so many unanswered questions for me. I have a new understanding of all that is happening right now in our world. 🌎 I am certain to reread The Nature of God repeatedly because all of the information is so beneficial to me in this journey of life. I am so grateful for this new clarity and have a new, fresh perspective of my spiritual journey . Thank you Michelle McCann. ✨🙏💚


Open your heart….read this book

The author shares her troubled past, her mental health and how she started channeling God and the angels. You need to open your heart and mind when you read this book. The messages are very powerful and relevant in today’s world. You will not be disappointed.


About the Author

Michelle McCann’s background and life experiences uniquely qualify her to help individuals connect to God and the angels to understand the true causes of mental illness and trauma. A social worker (MSW, LCSW) for many years, she also directed a welfare-to-work program and supervised and taught MSW students. Following an acute psychotic episode, Michelle was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Coursework on spirituality, intuition, psychic development, and angelic communication and healing revealed her manic episodes as raw connections with the divine.

This book chronicles Michelle’s journey as she fine-tuned her direct connection with God and the angels. She hopes that by sharing her story, others affected by mental illness or seeking their spiritual path will find peace.

A true Delawarean now, Michelle lives in a heavenly garden oasis with her husband, Steve, and son, Aidan. Michelle’s southern roots (Mississippi) and small-town Midwestern upbringing (Illinois) help to keep her grounded as she traverses the spiritual realms.


A portion of my book sales benefits three worthy organizations: Together Rising, Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., and The King Center. I encourage you to learn more about these nonprofits and support them, too!

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