Michael, is that you??? 

Yes, stepping forward to make you smile. No, you do not need to go back to bed, nor do you need to rush. Let’s work on your email for this week.

What would you like to say?

Just start typing.

Now is the time of the revelation foretold to you in the Bible. Even if you are not Christian (which is perfectly fine in our eyes), this story is one of truth. Truth in the sense that there would come a time when all people (souls) will be reconciled with GOD. NOW IS THAT TIME. As you see the devastating impacts of the coronavirus, I want to make clear that this is NOT PUNISHMENT FOR SOME SIN, but rather, bringing to the surface the devastation that needs to be healed. War, famine, disease, greed, hatred . . . you name it. . . . There is LOTS to be healed. This healing will come only when you, my children, work together to resolve the issues, thereby healing the collective trauma that you all have endured.

For eons, you have lived lifetime after lifetime, learning what it is like to be “not God,” meaning what it is like to not be connected to me or one another. The revelation is simply that when you become who you are meant to be by SHINING YOUR LIGHT, you step into the TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE, and that REVEALS THE TRUTH OF ALL OF HUMANKIND. And by HUMANKIND, we mean the reflection of all the souls ever created.

I feel like I might be getting a little confused.

Yes, Dear, get out of your head, and JUST TYPE. Now is the time when peace will begin to reign. People will join together and . . .

My typing has stopped.

I’m not going to reveal the full story YET. Just setting the foundation that PEACE ON EARTH is ON ITS WAY. It will take some time, but TRUST that the world is going through a metamorphosis, changing from a caterpillar into a butterfly. As Glennon Doyle said in her March 30, 2020, video, https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=675230253224454&id=178909129709), you are in the COCOON period. This is why you need to be HOME—to reflect, to pray, to grieve, to love, to laugh, and so on. This is all part of the HEALING. Yes, there will be some loss of life, which will be devastating, but as with any. . . . I don’t have the right words, except to say, THIS is a trying, but critical, point in the healing of HUMANKIND.

That is enough for today. Sit with this. Savor it. Know that despite the pain (think of childbirth), things WILL GET BETTER. It is always darkest before the dawn. OK, enough of the platitudes. I won’t sugarcoat. These are TOUGH TIMES, but know that you CAN and WILL get through them and come out stronger on the other side. Just allow yourself to be sad and to grieve the loss of the lives you once knew. Although it is hard for you to see it now, things will not always seem so desperate. I ask that you have FAITH and TRUST that I am transforming the world into a better place.

Is this God or Michael?

It is your heavenly father. Mother is here too, but she is letting me do the talking, for once. LOL. Just kidding! She is coaching me on what to say. You know women always have to have the last word!

Ha! Don’t pick on women!

Just kidding, TOTALLY KIDDING! Women make the world go ’round, TRULY. They are to be respected and valued for the gifts they bring. Men too. We all contribute to one another’s health and well-being, and we need to start REMEMBERING THAT.

RE-MEMBER: Bring back together as ONE.

 That is all for now. Wishing you all peace and joy and times of rest and reflection. All are necessary, so please ALLOW for all of it. We’ll talk again next week.

Ta-ta, so long, see you later, Alligator.

OK, that is Michael!

Yes, he wanted to sign off.

So, HE has to have the last word!

Indeed. Indeed, my dear.





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