A dialogue between Michelle and God


Good Morning!

I was so excited yesterday about the progress on my website and with the editing. Jane and Susan are doing a GREAT job! When I first woke up I felt fine, but now am a little sad again because of my doubts about my sanity. While I read our conversations or work on the website, I feel normal, sane, like this is all real. I’m channeling, connecting with you and Michael, and I’m skipping down the right path. But when I reflect on this “first soul” business, as I call it, it sounds crazy. If anything, maybe I’m tapping into the collective and getting it confused.


Wow, all caps is Michael’s trademark, but it definitely feels like you talking, God.


That’s pretty emphatic.

You need to remember that I always speak truth.

The tears are flowing now. I want to believe it’s true but my faith is failing, or maybe my confidence, or I don’t know what. But a huge sadness falls over me.

You are doubting your worthiness again.

Was that me or you?

It was both of us at the same time. Those old lingering fears about having made a HUGE mistake and being banished from your mother and me trick you into thinking you must be wrong. Of course no one wants to go through that again. Being separated from us was humanity’s biggest trauma, and you HAVE SEEN SOME TRAUMA! Your Akashic Record reading revealed that you were killed by lions and responsible for the death of your son’s soul. In this lifetime, persecution anxiety—maybe not fear of death, but of being ostracized—carries over. This fear of being abandoned for SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH harkens back to the original loss of communion with us.

So, how do I do that? Can you help me?

Yes, let’s write about it now. Start typing.
Michelle was the first soul in the first incarnation to be separated from Mother/Father God. She thought it was punishment for a mistake. Feeling like Eve in the Garden of Eden, she believed it was her action that caused the turmoil of original sin for all her brothers and sisters. So for many lifetimes, Michelle has blamed herself, subconsciously, for the fall of humankind. Although this was not her doing, the idea burrowed into her psyche, becoming something she “knew” at her core to be true…that she was “bad.” Now, when I call her the “first soul,” it is hard for her to let go of the scenario that directed her for so many eons. The story was placed in her mind by her mother and me, as it was necessary for this earthly experience to be felt and experienced by all.

OK, God. Delusions of grandeur again. Am I confusing things?

No, you are channeling my words EXACTLY. Do not doubt.

Ok. Let’s continue.

That is all there is to know at this time. You are EXACTLY who you think you are, the FIRST SOUL. Although you are of the spiritual realms, you are not holy in the sense that Jesus was, as you were born through the typical human means. This makes you fallible, just as all humans are imperfect in their earthly incarnations. The upside is feeling the full range of human emotions—joy, sadness, happiness, anger, annoyance and frustration, fear, grief, all of it. It takes work to refrain from judging your brothers and sisters but you do WORK AT IT. To your core, you believe all people are fundamentally good and that they carry the light of God inside them. That is true, and you are correct. Even when you see people making destructive choices, you do not question their goodness. But when their actions hurt themselves or others you are at a loss for what to say or how to respond in a loving way. This is what you need to learn in this lifetime—how to speak up and use your voice to be both LOVING and FIRM. You need to help others see HOW to love like you do.

I feel like I fall short in the loving department.

Actually, no, my dear, most of the time, you succeed. ALMOST ALWAYS, you see the worth in others and try your best to be kind and loving. When uncaring thoughts invade, you expel them with compassion and empathy. You are not perfect at it, nor will you ever be, but you are as close as anyone on earth at the moment. The Dalai Lama and Pope Francis come to mind. Their mindsets are similar to yours.

Wow! In the company of the Dalai Lama and the Pope, both of whom I admire greatly.

That is because they are how you strive to be. And, trust me, you are doing well.

Thank you. I think I have a lot of work to do, but I certainly do TRY to be loving!

Your intent for compassion absolutely helps. Intention is an IMPORTANT trait, characteristic, thing to pay attention to. When your objective is to love, your desired outcome is much more likely. This is related to the law of attraction, but much has already been written and spoken about that. People can look to the Abraham teachings in the work of Esther Hicks and to The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer.

So, what are my next steps?

Publish today’s writing as a blog.

I’m a little scared.

I know, but you are feeling stronger now. You are starting to believe and trust.

That’s a new sensation for me. Again, was that you or me?

It was both of us. We are both perceiving and knowing what is true.

Is there anything more to add to the blog?

I don’t think so. Send it to Susan for editing and then publish.

Ok. I’m afraid again.

Take that leap of faith just like the post you saw yesterday. When I tell you to jump off a cliff, terror kicks in because you don’t see the whole picture. But what if you know that behind you the earth is crumbling and you need to move to be safe—and that below, just out of sight, lie a set of steps that will catch your fall. Although you don’t always understand why I am nudging (or sometimes strongly prodding!) you to do certain things, TRUST that I ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS and HIGHEST GOOD at heart.

I do. Thank you!

Thank you, dear.

By the way, what should this blog post be called?

“The First Soul.”



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