March 16, 2020

5:14 am. Went to bed about 8:30 last night. Read a little in My Grandfather’s Blessings book by Rachel Naomi Remen and listened to a “church” service with Brené Brown on Instagram Live. Was just feeling really exhausted. I’m thinking it is all the energy I’m taking in with the global panic over the coronavirus pandemic. I felt you were calling me to “talk” this morning.

Yes, Dear, we have several things to talk about. First, you are not doing your cleansing and clearing.

I thought I didn’t have to do that as much since I told the negative energies to stay out of my energy field.

That is helpful, but YOUR intention to keep YOUR energy field clear is important. We want you to do the white light meditation: “May the white light of divine protection fill me and surround me so no negativity may enter me, harm me, only leave me” at least three times a day. If you do it at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that will suffice. Hold off on the gold light for now. It MOVES YOU FORWARD, but the WHITE LIGHT PROTECTS YOU NOW, IN THE PRESENT. We need to FOCUS ON THE PRESENT.

OK. That is a lot of caps.

We are being emphatic so you (and your readers) will register the importance of this. CLEANSING AND CLEARING YOUR ENERGY IS PARAMOUNT IN YOUR HEALING. We will say it again: CLEANSING AND CLEARING YOUR ENERGY IS PARAMOUNT IN YOUR HEALING. One more time: CLEANSING AND CLEARING YOUR ENERGY IS PARAMOUNT IN YOUR HEALING. Hope this drives the point home! There is only so much WE (Divine Mother, Heavenly Father, and the angels) can do if you are not setting an intention to be of pure light and love. You easily set this intention by “pulling white light” as described above.

What more is there to know about this?

That is all for now. We have made our point, emphatically we hope. Not to be TOO SERIOUS, but when it comes to energy, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Your energy is tied to our energy, and to make good things happen, we need GOOD energy. And, by good, we mean POSITIVE, LOVING energy. OK, enough about this.

On to point number 2: STOP PANICKING!

I don’t feel like I am panicking, but it sure seems the world is. I mean, taking cautionary measures of social distancing and self-isolating makes sense, but THE FEAR is so incredibly high. I don’t “feel” it exactly, but I just feel drained, so I’m sure that is what it is.

EXACTLY right. You are starting to “FEEL” the energy. Just yesterday, you knew you needed to lie down and you could tell you were exhausted, not by the day but by the energy you were taking in that was not your own. That is not exactly right though, as ALL OUR ENERGY is ALL OF ONE ANOTHER. This is important. If one person in the collective is feeling panic, all people in the collective can feel it. That is what is happening now. In order to calm the chaos, we need people to PAUSE, meditate, pray, be in nature, and CLEANSE AND CLEAR THEIR ENERGY as described above. You can put this out on social media.


Wherever you like. It will help everyone who hears it. Each and every person who sets an intention to CALM THE CHAOS helps add calm to the collective. This is a nice counterbalance to the chaos that is currently reigning. And it is important to note that IT WILL CALM DOWN. Right now is the scariest part of this pandemic, THE UNKNOWN. Once people get a handle on how to deal with it and start taking action to make things better, they will feel more in control and less scared. STAY TUNED, as there will be some worldwide BREAKING NEWS about progress on the cure. This will allay people’s fears.

Do I have this right?

Yes, Dear, we are telling you so you can let others know that the end is in sight. LOL, not the end of the world or the end of ego’s rule, but the end of this pandemic. It will be a couple of months to fully CALM THE CHAOS, but a breakthrough is coming soon—days away, in fact.

I am nervous I may have this wrong. I didn’t get my $2 bill sign yesterday, which has given me some doubts.

We know. This is as it needed to be. You need to learn to TRUST and HAVE FAITH even when we don’t send you signs. WE WILL SEND YOU SIGNS, but not at your command. We are here to give you what you NEED, not what you WANT. You WANTED a $2 bill, but you NEED to learn to TRUST AND HAVE FAITH.

Understood. So do I have this right?

Mostly. The breakthrough is not days, but weeks away. There will be a few more weeks of CHAOS, FEAR, and CONFUSION, and then the dust will settle. A cure will be found and people will be treated. All will be well. This was all in preparation for the revelation that is coming.

But you didn’t cause this, right?

No, of course not!!!! You know we do not inflict suffering or pain on our children. This illness is a result of the collective unrest, the dissatisfaction with the state of the world. The ENERGY of the COLLECTIVE created this illness. It (the collective soul) needed people to STOP, PAUSE, and TAKE STOCK of WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN THEIR LIVES—not money or greed or things, but PEOPLE and HEALTH and WELL BEING. NOW they know their priorities again. This was important and desperately needed at this time. Your book is going to piece everything together for people.

Really? I still am not sure if people are going to get “all that” out of my writing. I do feel there are some good points, but I’m not sure how helpful my personal story is.

VERY HELPFUL, DEAR, TRUST ME! Everyone is struggling with something, some part of themselves they are scared of or are afraid will be rejected by others. YOUR STORY will help people see that they need to SHINE THEIR LIGHT IN ORDER TO HEAL THE WORLD.

Seems like a big task!


OK! What am I to do with this information, and do you have more to say?

I have one more point (this is Father God). Do not FEAR. Do not FEAR ME OR EACH OTHER OR THE STATE OF THE WORLD. More will be revealed soon (through YOU, Michelle, and others . . . stay tuned), and we will bring light back to the world. The time of darkness is coming to a close. YES, the TIME IS NEAR WHEN PEACE WILL REIGN. You just wait and see. IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!!!

This feels a little bit like wishful thinking.

It IS, MY DEAR, but that is the BEAUTY OF IT! Because people are WISHING FOR IT—WORLD PEACE—it is coming to fruition. The intention has been SET IN MOTION. People, all the people of the world (OK, not all, but most—some in remote places have no idea) are coming together to heal the collective pain and trauma you have all suffered. AGAIN, THE INTENTION HAS BEEN SET! That is all for now. Publish this as a blog and call it “THE END OF THE PANDEMIC BRINGS THE BEGINNING OF WORLD PEACE.”

WOW! Is there more to add?

Nope. That is all for now. Just let my children, ALL OF THEM, know that I wish them health, and happiness, and goodness, and PEACE. NO EXCEPTIONS. I love you all. Here’s to joy and angel blessings😊!

Love, God

Ok . . . nitty gritty details here. I can send to Susan for editing, and then what?

Wait and see what we “inspire” you to do. It will be GRAND!


Yep, just send to Susan and we will take it from here.

And I’m not manic or grandiose?

NOPE! You are good. Very grounded and channeling very clearly. Except the part about days vs. weeks, you got it JUST RIGHT. You want it to be sooner, so that was ego getting in the way. But YOU GOT THE MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR.

Thank you!

Thank you for coming when we called, Dear. You can go back to bed now!

Love you . . .

Love you!

Author’s note: Obviously there has been no cure announced, so it seems I was off with that piece of information, at least on the timing. Sometimes I still don’t get everything exactly right as I’m still developing my channeling skills. Just as an Olympic skater falls down many times before they learn to land that triple Axel, I too have failings and mis-steps. I ask that readers listen to their hearts about what resonates with them, taking in what seems on point and knowing that not everything is exact when it comes to interpretation of messages from spirit…especially when it comes to timing as there is no time and space in the spiritual realms! I leave this here on purpose to be transparent that sometimes my interpretation is not exact. Thanks for your patience with me!




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