June 24, 2020

HELLO, DAHLINGS!!! Michael here! Just wanted to reach out to let you know HOW TRULY LOVED AND SUPPORTED YOU ARE. We (the spirit team) recognize that much turmoil exists in the world today, YET moments of great peace and joy are also blossoming. We hope you feel it. The world IS CHANGING, ONE DAY AT A TIME!

The virus and the unrest will be with us for a while longer, but sooner than you think, there will be a CURE for the VIRUS and significant changes will occur in people’s hearts and minds to allow them to respect and value others. The shift has begun. People are starting to love, forgive and find joy in the simple pleasures again—a nice hot bath, a cup of tea, laughter with friends and family, an afternoon nap, a lazy day.

As you struggle to WORK, WORK, WORK (and there is WORK to be done), you have forgotten to ENJOY LIFE. Yes, you need money to live, but the “grind,” slaving away to the almighty dollar, was becoming unbearable. And no, money is NOT the root of all evil . . . GREED is.

There is a difference. People can do much good with money—sharing with those they love and helping the world to be a better place. MONEY is a blessing when used to help others and to make yourselves happy. You can have what you wish, as long as you take care of the planet and one another. It is not selfish to want beautiful things or comfortable surroundings, or to want to give gifts to one another. We ENCOURAGE THAT! Giving gifts feels WONDERFUL.

And NOW, we are DELIGHTED to GIVE YOU an amazing gift—your lives back. No more toiling away at jobs that do not fulfill you. We are helping you uncover your GIFTS and TALENTS so you can SHINE YOUR LIGHT and share your gifts and YOURSELVES with each other and the world.

That is all for now. STICK A FORK IN US! WE ARE DONE! We LOVE to say that . . . LOL😊! Truly, more to come in the days and weeks ahead. In the meantime, just have peace in your hearts. Know that the world is in our hands and we are overseeing the changes that NEED TO HAPPEN. Have faith, trust, hope and most of all, LOVE💜!

And, now a word from me (Michelle)…

Michael and the Spirit Team instructed me to channel some exciting messages for this week. A cure for COVID-19 and the end of racial strife and injustice will be blessings, for sure! Please note that I’m not clear on the timing. Since time does not exist in the spirit realms, the spirit team’s intention about when things will happen does not always translate clearly to this human whose life runs on clocks and calendars. Also, they’re telling me I should put “CURE” in quotation marks, as it will be different from what we normally think of as a cure. They say there is more to come on this, but that we should have faith that the process is beginning.

Wishing you peace and angel blessings,



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