Good morning, my children. Or good afternoon! Wherever you are, I bid you GOOD DAY! Michelle has been toiling away writing The Nature of God: The Revelation, and now she has started a new book called The Nature of Angels: The Pathway Back to God. This is a continuation of the Angel section of the Nature of God book. There is MUCH to know about angels. We have talked about some of this, but there will be some new material as well. Let’s just dive in, shall we???

NUMMMMBBBERRR 1: Yes, I like to sing the numbers to Michelle. She gets a kick out of it!

My typing has stopped.

I’m thinking. Give me a minute. I want to make sure I get first things first…LOL. YES! That is it! People need to know to PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST. That is number 1.

What do you mean by that, Michael? What should be first?

YOU! YOURSELVES! YOUR LOVE OF YOU! Flight attendants direct you to put on your own oxygen mask before someone else’s. Both of you would die of suffocation if you didn’t TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST. This is my message. Rest when you need to rest. Play when you want to play. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. God does not judge what you do or don’t do.

God and the angels WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY! That’s right—none of the old guilt that some churches teach. You don’t need to do ANYTHING to have the love of God and the angels. We are here for you, and we love you NO MATTER WHAT. NO MATTER WHAT. In taking care of yourself you take care of God. God is within you and yearns for your self-care. Which leads to…

NUMMMMBBBBERRRR 2: God is within each and every one of you—inside every human being. NO EXCEPTIONS. You embody a spark of the divine that is a piece of God’s light. This light was put inside every soul. And just like you need to feed a fire by blowing on it and giving it oxygen, you need to feed the spark inside you that is of God. Do this by nurturing yourself, by loving yourself, by knowing that you are God-like.

You can do anything you set your mind to. We aren’t talking about accomplishments, per se, although this is true too. What we are referring to is that if you CHOOSE to LOVE YOURSELF AND YOUR FELLOW HUMANS, you will feel better and FEEL THE LOVE OF GOD. IT IS BY LOVING THAT YOU FEEL LOVE IN RETURN. Remember this. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Open the door and it shall be given unto you.

This is me, Michelle. That last bit doesn’t sound exactly right.


Number 3: No singing this time. That ship has sailed…LOL. Let’s get down to business. Number 3 is key—like how that rhymes…LOL. Gotta keep a little humor, don’t we, Michelle???

Yes, Michael. I do always appreciate your humor.

I know you do. You and all the other humans, which brings me to NUMMBBBRRR 3!!! Laugh, laugh, laugh. Have fun. Laughter is the best medicine. Laughter is a form of joy, and being joyful brings you nearer to God and the angels. Well, it doesn’t exactly move you closer, but you FEEL more connected. You become aware of the presence of God and the angels when you experience joy. So DO that!

It’s not that hard. If you are sad, cry—release those feelings (don’t skip this step, as you must let go of hard feelings to move into joy). Then find something that makes you laugh. Be with friends. If you are lonely, turn on a funny movie or watch kittens and babies on Facebook. That’s right, kittens and babies. We (God and the angels) gave you these, not just on Facebook but in real life…LOL, to inspire you to love and find bliss. Who doesn’t smile when they see a kitten or a baby? Ok, I’m sure there are grouches who don’t, but if they REALLY uncorked their emotions, they would feel joyful when they see kittens and babies. Those little ones are ADORBS😊!!!!!

Number 4: OK, serious business now. LOL, not really. None of this is serious business. Humans have made the relationship with God difficult and complicated when it is really quite simple. God loves you for who you are, warts and all. So much has been written about sin, and condemnation, and judgment, and the devil—DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE DEVIL! Geez, no wonder people are scared of God and what might happen to them if they make a wrong choice.

Society has ingrained MISINFORMATION ABOUT GOD AND HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS. That’s right. What you have learned all these years is wrong—DEAD WRONG. God is a LOVING GOD and they (Mother/Father God) want you to know that now. The time has come to change the dialogue. There is NO SUCH THING AS THE DEVIL. BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE (to all people because every soul is good at their core). This is not a punishment from God or even a test of faith (as you have thought lately, Michelle), but rather, this is what YOUR SOUL CHOSE TO EXPERIENCE when coming into the lifetime.

Michelle will talk much more in depth in her book about the soul’s plan for each lifetime, how it is created, why we are here and why we suffer. It’s much more than we can get into now. JUST BUY THE BOOK! LOL, Michelle, like how I’m promoting for you????

Thanks, Michael. You do know I wonder how people are going to find out about our books, but I figure you will make the magic happen like you always do!

That’s right, DEARIE, no need to worry your pretty little head. We’ve got this. People who are reading this now are meant to read this at this moment in time. We have brought them here. So, YOU! That’s right, YOU, READER—your angel brought you here. Know they are ALWAYS GUIDING YOU AND DON’T DOUBT THAT YOU WERE MEANT TO SEE THIS AT THIS EXACT MOMENT!

Number 5: OK, Michelle is getting tired. We are actually going to stop now. I LOVE TO CHANGE MY MIND!! It is fun to GO WITH THE FLOW. REMEMBER THAT AS NUMBER 5 and we will call this finished. STICK A FORK IN ME—I’M DONE…LOL.

OK, peeps. That is all for now. Stay tuned to this bat channel and more will be forthcoming from me (through Michelle). Subscribe to her email list, like and follow her Facebook page, and read the blogs on her website. This is not shameless promotion by Michelle. It is ME, MICHAEL, letting you know what you need to do to help yourself right now. Again, if you are reading this, know you were meant to be here, to find this. Your guardian angel guided you here. TRUST that they are working to help you find your path, have faith, and FEEL LOVE!!! That is our greatest hope for you, that you feel love for yourself and the love of God and the angels and of your fellow human beings. It starts with SELF-LOVE. OK, I’ve droned on after I said I would stop. We are done NOW.

Wishing you a day filled with love and angel blessings!






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