Reviewed by Deborah Lloyd for Readers’ Favorite

The Nature of God: The Revelation: Channeled Messages from Your Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, and Archangel Michael, penned by Michelle D. McCann, will alleviate any misunderstandings a reader may have regarding spirit communications. Michelle is a loving, compassionate person who has lived through many struggles, including mental health illness and family of origin problems. It was not easy for her to trust that she was communicating with Divine Beings. She was told that she is special, just as all people are special. She also learned about her life plan, Divine Right Timing, numerology, and other spiritual concepts. Much of the communication had a great deal of humor, as well as specific details on how to execute the plan for this book, social media, a blog, and other necessary steps.

While many channeled books are quite serious, these communications are entertaining with vital messages. With today’s chaotic world (coronavirus, climate change, systemic racism – the list goes on), Divine Right Timing could not be more appropriate. The point that everyone must work to bring healing and peace to Mother Earth is strongly made. Each person, no matter their history or problems, has a role and can make a difference. Author/channeler Michelle D. McCann has stepped fully into her calling by sharing her journey in The Nature of God: The Revelation. It is divided into three parts, with messages from the Father, Divine Mother, and Archangel Michael. The author also has a wonderful list of resources and books, so that readers can pursue their own spiritual growth with angelic guidance! This book is a treasure.



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