This is the preface to the book, Nature of God: The Revelation.  The message is from God, as channeled by Michelle McCann, on June 14, 2019.

Our story may seem confusing at first, but if you persevere, you will be rewarded with epiphanies of great clarity and joy.

I have dictated and Michelle has transcribed, and although at times the text may seem disjointed and unclear, all is as it should be. When people awaken to their divine natures and gifts, it is like learning a foreign language—everything seems jumbled and makes no sense. Michelle wrote this after she had taken many classes and read much, so she had some understanding of the spiritual realms. Still, she did not recognize the vibration of her heavenly father and divine mother. As she worked with it, she struggled to understand what was happening. In fact, she did not know or feel that it was our energy at all. She just knew she was getting “impressions” and felt called to write them down. That was us urging her to do so. Even though some of our requests sounded illogical, she listened.

I encourage you to do the same. Listen to the song of your heart, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense. It is by listening to us (Father, Mother, the angels) that you find the path back to connecting with the divine.

A companion book to this one, The Nature of Angels: The Pathway Back to God, will be available soon and will be much more cohesive as Michelle has learned to channel now with certainty. Not that she wasn’t channeling “correctly” before. But the information was coming in fast and she was not used to the feeling, which triggered manic episodes. We were sending energy to help her connect to the heavenly realms, but neither she (nor her doctors) knew that was what was happening.

When people are manic they are connecting to divine essence. If people think they are Jesus or Buddha, it is because they are feeling the energy of the heavenly realms. It is often disconcerting because they are not used to this vibration, and it manifests in socially unacceptable or seemingly irrational behaviors. The movie Crazywise and the research of Emma Bragdon and Sean Blackwell will better explain how mental illness and spiritual connection are related.

Michelle was never “mentally ill” except in the sense that she thought she was Jesus, which she was not. Rather, he had connected his energy with hers in order to heal her mind. Everyone will experience this. Some will have psychotic breaks and need the psychiatric establishment to understand that this is their re-connection with the divine, not a mix-up in their brain chemistry.

Again, I encourage psychiatric care professionals to understand this and guide individuals through their spiritual awakenings, rather than treating them as if their brains are broken.

Compassionate care, free from judgment is the key component. Medication may be required, but the idea that someone needs to be dosed forever is simply not true. Once they process their trauma (from this lifetime or past lives), they will be able to function normally. But having the opportunity to express their “delusions” and work through their feelings will be critical in helping them understand the meaning and purpose of their suffering and why they are here at all. They will be happier and healthier afterwards because they will have peace.

Understanding this process will also help people suffering from depression. Individuals become suicidal because they long to reconnect with me. Subconsciously, they know they are missing something integral to their essence. Emotional support and medication will ease physical and mental distress, but helping them to connect with who they truly are, and through that, to reconnect with me, will eliminate the pain. This is all I will say about mental illness for now. Michelle will write (channel) more about this from me at a future point.

As you read this book, I encourage you to keep an open mind and understand that spiritual awakening is a process, often confusing and sometimes dangerous if not undertaken carefully.

Ok, God, this is me, Michelle. “Dangerous” sounds scary.

Yes, dangerous in the sense that some people may end their earthly existence. However, they will be reconnecting safely with me in the spiritual realms, so their souls will live on.

Is there anything we can do to make this less dangerous?

As Ellen Degeneres says, love one another, be kind to one another when you see your brothers and sisters floundering mentally or physically. Even if their challenges are not visible, strive to be compassionate, as all people are wrestling with something and most don’t show it today. Soon this will begin to change. The more people share their struggles openly, the more support and love they can get, both from the earthly and spiritual realms.

Is there anything else to the preface?

No, my child. This is all. Publish our book as it is written and know that although some will think you crazy, you will know the truth in your heart. I encourage others to read and listen with their hearts and they will begin to understand. Wishing you peace and joy and angel blessings.

Love, GOD





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