What a crazy inspiration I got this morning (October 17, 2021), and I just had to share!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written, as I’ve been resting and taking care of myself after some tough times. I’ll save those stories for another day, but TODAY, I share God’s wisdom about poop, toilets, and how concepts related to them may help you on your spiritual journey.

As God never makes mistakes, of course he would choose me, the mom of a son and the wife of a husband who love to talk about and DEMONSTRATE (LOL) how their bodies’ “plumbing” works. From farts to constipation, there is always some bodily function on the forefront in our family😊. Perhaps you have this in your family too? If not, consider yourself lucky…LOL, or maybe not!

So here’s the analogy:

You need to stay on the toilet long enough to get the poop out but not so long that you get a ring around your butt😊.

How exactly does this relate to “Spiritual Enlightenment,” you ask? I’m so delighted you are inquiring!

In this analogy, poop is like those yucky feelings you get when things are not going your way—the conversation that makes you nauseated because you just knew you said the wrong thing, you embarrassed yourself, you hurt another person. God forbid, it happened IN PUBLIC, perhaps a presentation you flubbed, or maybe just something in your mind you are working OVER AND OVER and can’t come to a resolution on.

The fears, the anxieties, the doubts. THESE THINGS ARE ALL THE POOP OF DAILY LIFE.

THIS, my friends, is what it is like to live as a spirit in a human body. We have so much joy and love and peace and hope and compassion and forgiveness, but we also have SO MUCH PAIN and SHAME. God is saying if we want to rid ourselves of the pain and shame, we need to “poop it out.”

In terms of expelling negative emotions, this means crying, shouting into a pillow, talking to a friend who will listen without judgment, or a GOOD therapist (emphasis on GOOD here). When we do these things, we expel the poison that is toxifying our bodies and minds in terms of the shame and pain we experience. Then we can return to our natural state of joy and peace and happiness and love.

Think about a baby who cries.

You don’t tell them they are “bad” for crying. You coo, “Oh, Johnny, you must be hungry! Let me feed you.” Or, “Little Sarah needs a nap, doesn’t she? Well, let’s go lay you down!” Or perhaps, “My little Marquisha, are you feeling alone? Let me hold you.” We cuddle, we nurture, we soothe. We don’t ignore, or shame and pretend the baby shouldn’t be feeling this way. WE ADDRESS THE NEED—the need to be seen, loved, felt, heard, understood. WE SOOTHE. This is how the pain goes away. Not by squashing it down, distracting, pretending it doesn’t exist, or worse, damaging ourselves with drugs or alcohol to numb out the pain.

So, you still may be asking, how EXACTLY does this relate to enlightenment? It’s simple really…Spirit is telling me…

“If you are living in joy, you are enlightened.”

With that, here is the final part—after you get that sh*t out, GET OFF THE TOILET😊. Meaning, go do something fun. Laugh with a friend, play outside, watch a silly movie, cook a nourishing meal, give yourself a nice bath, eat a piece of delicious dark chocolate…whatever floats your happy boat. Just don’t forget this piece. After you expel the PAIN AND SHAME, return to a state of GRACE, which is PURE JOY. Joy at being alive, in this body/vessel, on this planet, in this time. You may, as Michelle does, feel there is A LOT going wrong on the planet at the moment, and YOU ARE NOT WRONG HERE, but PLEASE do not lose sight of the JOY that remains.

As you can see, this writing started out as Michelle but quickly turned into a message from GOD TODAY.

Me: Hi there! Nice to hear from you, God 💖. Glad you are joining me to write today.

Yes, dear, I wouldn’t miss your 50th birthday email.

Me: Thank you. I appreciate that!

Dear Readers,

Tomorrow marks my milestone of 50 years on planet EARTH. I can’t believe I’ve survived a whole HALF CENTURY! I am so grateful for all the gifts God has given me.

He is saying to ask you for a bit of grace. If you are willing, please share a little story with me about something I’ve done that has touched you or been meaningful to you. I have no expectations, I promise, but if you feel so moved, I’d be delighted for you to email me any reflections or impact I or my work have had on you.

In these COVID times, we are not having a celebratory event to mark my birthday, so I am asking people to share their gift of words with me. As an author and lover of books and the written and spoken word, there is no greater gift you can give me than your words of wisdom, kindness, and encouragement. Thank you if you choose to reply.

All righty, GOD’s saying this is a wrap, other than to share this link to last year’s writing about what is misunderstood about the LAW OF ATTRACTION. He wants us to SET THE RECORD straight. (Read more here: https://michelledmccann.com/the-law-of-attraction-a-new-perspective/)

Happy Sunday to you and yours. May your day and week ahead be filled with peace, joy, and angel blessings! 👼

With love and gratitude,
Michelle and God



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