We could write another blog.

What do you want to write about? What most needs to be known right now?

Let’s talk about FEAR. Ok, start typing.

Fear rears its ugly head in so many situations and places. Fear is the disconnection from God or source when people feel alone and believe they have to handle things by themselves. They see the “other” as the enemy, not able to protect them or to give them what the need, or in the worst case, out to hurt them. This comes from many generational patterns of family dysfunction and distress. Years of global turmoil have also contributed to the widespread fear. People feel like they have to look after themselves because no one else will.

BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE! First of all, the angels and I are ALWAYS LOOKING OUT FOR ALL OUR CHILDREN. You never need to fear that you are alone or that you will be disconnected or lose the love of Mother/Father God. During times of trauma, it may feel like we are punishing you, but PLEASE KNOW, we only allow you to suffer through things that are required for your highest good, for your soul to know and understand all aspects of itself—the happy, the sad, the angry, the “villainous,” the tired and weary, the lonely, the excited, the perfection. ALL OF IT. For it to be known, it has to be EXPERIENCED, and that is the purpose of this earthly existence—TO EXPERIENCE.

Individuals may find that hard to believe when they are going through something excruciating, but they AGREED before they incarnated to experience this difficulty or horrendous feeling as part of their life plan. As Robert Schwartz has discussed, we each create an ELABORATE life plan before we incarnate. The angels, guides, and I all play a part in determining what EXPERIENCES will benefit a soul’s growth. For souls evolve. As if from little babies to wise older adults, they go through stages. Most souls have made it through the necessary steps, but some are still working through the darkness, examining the parts of themselves that need to experience the most contrast from the light.

Do I have that right?

Close enough. The important thing to know is that in order to understand your MAGNIFICENCE AS THE LIGHT, the CHILD OF GOD, you need to experience the DARKNESS, OR THE CONTRAST TO THE LIGHT. You and your family, and indeed all my children, are going through this right now. The DARK ancestral patterns of abuse, addiction, violence, poverty, famine, war, and so on are ALL COMING TO THE SURFACE. That is why it looks like there is SO MUCH HATE in the world. But bringing negativity to the surface allows it to be cleared.

How do we clear it?

 By loving one another. Even those who are being “hateful” need love. Like your President Trump—he seems to have it all together and doesn’t care what other people think, but HE DOES. Just like the rest of us, he longs to be loved. He thinks the way to get that love is to play into or support the fears of those who are insecure. It’s kind of like being in a gang. Members have no REAL LOVE for one another, but rather a bond over fear and disconnection. You can’t have real love if your mission is to hurt others. Like a gang, President Trump and his followers’ mission is to protect the elite few, and to…

My typing has stopped.

That is enough. I don’t want to bad-mouth Trump and his followers. We need to show them compassion and help them understand their ways are “wrong” in the sense that they are hurting others. JOINING TOGETHER IN LOVE AND SUPPORT will overcome the darkness.

What else can you tell us to help stop the hatred and alleviate the suffering?

This is enough for now. Publish this as a blog and call it “Overcoming Hate and the Fear of Disconnection.”

Thank you. I feel like you might have some closing words.

No, just to say that we (Mother/Father God and all the angels and spirits and ancestors) love you UNCONDITIONALLY and we KNOW that this will be resolved to bring the world to a better place. TRUST US. HAVE FAITH. That is all.

Thank you.

Thank you, my child.




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