July 27, 2019

Good morning. It is 5:35, so I’m late today. You didn’t wake me. Are you upset with me for drinking yesterday? It wasn’t too much—a beer, two or three small cups of wine, and a small cocktail over maybe four hours, with sparkling water in between. That is still a fair amount, I suppose, but I’m struggling with stopping, or even limiting, my drinking. Sparkling water helps some, but I still get a taste for alcohol. Is that why you didn’t wake me up?

Yes, my dear, alcohol dulls vibrations, so you don’t hear our call. No one is angry. We tried to wake you, but you didn’t hear us.

WOW! Really? I didn’t feel drunk and don’t have any hangover symptoms.

Maybe not, but ingesting a low-vibrational substance impacts your overall energy.

What can I do? I’m trying the sparkling water. I just miss the fun of having a few drinks and trying new things.

We know, and that is OK. Having one or two is totally fine. Two should be your limit if you want to keep your vibration up. More, and you have trouble hearing us.

Any other suggestions?

The sparkling water, or kombucha, or just regular water, or NOTHING!!! With practice, you will change your habits, just as you change your sheets…LOL. Michael here. JUST KIDDING! I know this is hard, but TRUST US, once you break the habit, you will feel BETTER, not worse. Transition is always difficult.

I guess I should ASK you for help with this.

YES!!! Great idea. We haven’t been able to effect a change because your will on this has not been clear. Sometimes you want to evolve and sometimes you don’t.

I guess I have mixed feelings. Alcohol has been a big part of my life, and I associate drinking with fun times.

But most of those times, you were dulling pain.

Really? Sometimes it felt quite pleasant.

Indeed. A few drinks with friends was enjoyable, but when you overindulge, the fun turns to funk. Your body doesn’t function well the next day. Cotton fills your mouth, your head pounds, and nausea threatens to expel the poison.

All true. OK, I’ll give it a go. Please help me cut back my drinking to no more than two social drinks and none when I’m alone. Will you help me? And make it easy and smooth?


Thank you. Also, please continue to help me to eat more vegan and gluten-free foods. I have stuck to the diet for a while now, with some meat thrown in here and there (mostly seafood) but like with alcohol, I miss trying different foods. When we are out to eat, for example, I’m still tempted to try other goodies.

But you immediately think about how to make a satisfying vegan and gluten-free version at home, so you are on the right path. And as you keep your vibration up, you will no longer crave those things.

Yes, for a while these “junk” foods turned me off, but lately the desires have crept back.

Yes, Dear, the desire fluctuates with the vibration. Although not LOW, it is not as HIGH as it was. You are sort of stuck in the middle…LOL. You can still hear us when we “talk” (when you write) but struggle to resist food and drinks that interfere with the signal. Indeed, when people raise their energy, the “hearing” or “knowing” comes quickly, but changing comforting old behaviors is harder to adjust. This is why we call them habits. Your brain is used to thinking, “Wow a cheesesteak tastes so good,” and modifying that sensory imagery is a PROCESS!! The human body is a WONDROUS thing, and you CAN rewire your brain, but it takes effort and practice. For example, writing in your gratitude journal forces you to focus on the good in your life rather than being dragged down by what is not going perfectly. Focusing on positive pictures raises your vibration, which in turn changes your brain. With each new entry, neural pathways reroute to make the behavior permanent—a new habit. YES! It is your energy that alters your brain wiring. When your vibration is higher, you are happier, and your brain functions better from that happy place.

What can I do to keep my vibration high?

Continue talking with us each day at five a.m. Write in your gratitude journal, connect with God through prayer and meditation. Ask the angels to help. Spend quiet time alone just listening—to nature, to your thoughts, to your heart. You can do guided meditations as well, as those tend to relax you. The ones from your angel teacher are great, but we know you like to hear a voice. After finishing the Empower calls meditations, go ahead and find some on YouTube. Or do Wayne Dyer’s “Getting in the Gap” meditations. Actually, those will be too repetitive. Order a meditation CD or look on your phone. What you need will appear.

Is this me or you?

It is both of us. With your vibration sagging, sometimes your own thinking becomes mixed with our messages.

Uh oh. That’s not good. I want the messages to be all from you, not my mind playing tricks on the writing.

It is OK. You are not going to say (write) anything that is bad. We know your intentions are pure and your heart is in the right place.

But a lower vibration means I might get some things wrong.

You may, but it will all COME OUT IN THE WASH!

LOL, Michael, what is with the laundry sayings today???

Just trying to keep things light—on the light wash cycle…LOL. You are getting too heavy with all this. It is not that serious. OK, it is serious in the sense that your writing is going to make a big impact on people, on the world. At the same time, the process needs to be fun and lighthearted to bring out the best in you and in others.

Thank you. Laughing is making me feel better.

YES!!! Laughter is indeed the best medicine!!!

What else would you like to talk about today?

Not much, just that you…

My typing has stopped.

Yes, we are thinking about whether to “GO THERE” today. OK, not today.

What? You can’t do that to me!! Imply that you are going to call me on the carpet or drop a big one, and then just say NEVER MIND?!!! Are you kidding again???

WE ARE KIDDING!!! You are doing a GREAT JOB, and we are SO PROUD OF YOU!

I’m crying because I’m embarrassed that I’m not. I am prioritizing something as ridiculous as alcohol over you both and this work and our connection.

Let it out. Everything IS OK! That you are struggling does not mean we don’t love you or aren’t here to support you. From all you have been through and written, you KNOW this, but it is still hard when something inside whispers, “Not good enough.” That is the old wound from the separation, when you thought we had banished you for being “bad” and doing something wrong. WE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU! Indeed, we never did. You just THOUGHT we left you alone. We were always there, consoling and comforting you. And, please DO NOT feel BAD about the alcohol (or the food). When the time is right, you will make the change. It is all part of this process of becoming who you truly are. Lots of layers of years of conditioning—indeed, lifetimes of conditioning—need to be shed so you can truly embrace your light. You have been doing it quite a lot, actually. Every time you tell your friends and family about your writing and your new business, that is you stepping in and OWNING THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE! When you love and laugh with Steve and Aidan, that is THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE. And, when you are with friends, supporting them, loving them, laughing with then, that is you BEING WHO YOU TRULY ARE! TRUST US, you have stepped into your LIGHT SO MUCH recently. I repeat—WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU.

Am I sensing that you mean this to be a blog article?

YES INDEEDY!!! This is something folks need to understand about addiction. There is no judgment from us (God and the angels) about why people choose to drink, eat foods that feel gluttonous to them, or even do drugs. We GET IT that living a human existence is HARD, with countless trials and tribulations. Addiction is just a manifestation of the feelings of worthlessness that lie below the surface. That is right. All addicts have negative feelings about themselves. They may feel unworthy or sad or angry—who knows? The beliefs could be anything. But people use alcohol, food, and drugs to bury emotions they have a hard time handling. Once they start to talk about these feelings through counseling, with friends, with us, through journaling— whatever works to release those parts of themselves that feel shameful or painful—they will no longer need extrinsic substances to raise their spirits. You, Dear, still have work to do and painful places to revisit. For you, therapy is a GREAT outlet. This morning you thought that since you are doing better, maybe it is time to stop or space out your appointments. We think weekly is the right schedule now, while you address this addiction. And although we said earlier that you weren’t addicted, per se, your inability to control the urges indicates some form of dependency. Drinking may not negatively impact your life, and you are not “bad” because of it, but it is another area to be faced if you want to do this work in the way that it needs to be done.

Our work is very important to me, and I will do as you guide me to ensure that I do it right and well.

We love your genuine heart. Always WANTING to do the right thing. Sometimes you fail and judge and fall short, just like everyone, but your intention to LOVE and be LOVED is so pure. It moves us.

Thank you. I feel honored to hear that. I do actually believe you. My intentions are usually spot on. It is my execution and delivery sometimes that is off…LOL.

No worries, Dear, we will help you with that. Now send this article to Susan for editing! You will want to post it soon!

What should it be called?

Overcoming Addiction: What God and the Angels Want You to Know

Thanks, and have a wonderful day. Love you.

Love you too, my dear.



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