Archangel Michael as channeled by Michelle McCann

In her last blog, Michelle wrote about the 6 things we angels want you to know. The fun continues with 10 more—a top ten list of things that will be helpful for you to know about us. We will  break it down, a little bit at a time, so you can take it all in. THERE IS MUCH TO KNOW. Let’s get started.

1. Angels love you very much—unconditionally, in fact.

That’s right. Unconditionally. There is NOTHING you can do that will make us stop loving you. Yes, we even loved Hitler. We did not like some of the choices he made because we knew they were not in his best interests (or in the best interests of humankind), but we loved him anyway. Hitler actually had some very sweet characteristics. He was funny, enjoyed a good laugh, and had a sweet demeanor to those closest to him. But he was a traumatized child. I won’t go into detail here, but if you Google Hitler’s childhood, you will see. Viewing him this way puts him in a different light, the light of an innocent child. This is how we view you. Your soul is like a baby to us, and a baby can do no wrong. Even though  babies cry and wet themselves and can be demanding, you love them because they are so cute and sweet and innocent. And even if adopted, they are your offspring and you feel connected to them. They are easy to love, as you are for us.

2. [Ok, Michelle here. My typing has stopped.]

Yes, I’m thinking. Actually, that is all for today. I want to keep this short and sweet, so no TOP 10…LOL. (Stay tuned!) I want you to take in what is written above. Read and re-read, and re-read again. Read it until you can really understand that you CAN DO NO WRONG in our eyes, just like a baby.

That is all. Wishing you all a lovely day filled with angel blessings. Remember to call on us whenever you need help. There is nothing too great or too small that we can’t help with. We are here for you. Much love and Angel Blessings.

Love, Michael

What insights did you glean from this post? It is excerpted from my forthcoming book, The Nature of God: The Revelation with a section titled The Nature of Angels: The Pathway Back to God, which will include channeled messages from Archangel Michael answering all your questions about our winged guardians. The angels are eager to tell all! Stay tuned for additional information as the book nears completion. In the meantime, please post a comment to let me know how this writing impacts your life, your beliefs, and your relationships. Thank you for reading. I am so grateful to be sharing this work with you!

~ Michelle McCann
Author & Divine Channel



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