August 25, 2020

It’s True! Love makes the world go ’round ❤️

Living a joy-filled life starts with LOVE

Michelle: The Spirit team is encouraging me to TAKE A LEAP! We have big news and a special surprise for you, my friends! I know I’m preempting the main event here, but I want you to be sure to check out our exciting announcement after this week’s important message from Archangel Michael! As usual, it is full of nuggets of wisdom!

Michael: This week we want to talk about LOVE—love of self and love of others. We know we have talked about this many times before but it bears repeating over and over and over again, as this is foundational to the world we want to bring forth. In the world as it is today, there is much fear and doubt and hatred, and this is difficult to watch and see. BUT there is also much love, and compassion and forgiveness and joy, and we want you to LEAN INTO these feelings. By “lean into,” we mean to FEEL THEM FULLY. Take note when you feel joyful or loved. Write it down if you can—every day. The joys you felt, the gratitude for the people you love in your life, what you love about them, what your life might be like if they WEREN’T THERE to help you to remember to cherish them (even when they have their faults. . . . We all do, don’t we?!?!)

The old saying “LOVE makes the world go ’round” is so very true and applicable in today’s circumstances. People are afraid, fearing for the economy, their health, their loved ones, their homes and lives. This CAN BE TERRIFYING, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember FEAR is just a FEELING. You can acknowledge it is there, let it know you see it and hear it, but also tell it you will not let it RULE YOUR LIFE. I know it sounds a little funny to “talk to your fear,” but it really is a good practice to get into. Build a relationship with it. Honor it for its purpose, which is to protect you, but recognize it is coming from your “headspace,” the space of the ego. When you focus on your “heartspace,” where you feel love and compassion and forgiveness and the awareness of our presence (God, the angels, ancestors, spirit guides, fairies, gnomes, dragons, unicorns—we know this sounds “out there,” but so many MAGICAL BEINGS exist in the spirit realms! Yet, we digress . . .).

The point is, FEAR bubbles up for EVERYONE. It is part of the intended human experience, helping you understand what is like to be disconnected from the TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE. When you face it head on, you can keep it in its place, which is to help you learn and grow, not to block and stifle you. Michelle has been doing a lot of this lately. We are encouraging her to start giving “readings,” sharing the messages of God and the angels with people one-on-one to help support and nurture them on their spiritual paths (and to help them with struggles or difficulties they may be facing). She worries about getting things wrong and not being good enough, but WHEN SHE ALLOWS HERSELF to share her gifts, SHE BRINGS MAGIC INTO PEOPLE’S LIVES! And by MAGIC, we mean the gift of listening with a kind heart and an open mind and offering guidance from the spirit realms to help allay people’s fears and give them hope for their future.

Thank you, Michael! I feel SO VERY TOUCHED by your kind words! Now you can tell everyone my news . . .

Perhaps you’ve read the amazing insights in Michelle’s book The Nature of God. Wouldn’t it be great to have those nuggets of wisdom PERSONALIZED for you? Now you can! At our urging, Michelle now offers one-on-one readings to provide insights into your own life and struggles and how to navigate your spiritual path. Reach out to Michelle at for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Online booking services are not yet set up on her website (we encourage her to do that soon😊). This introductory special will not last long. Sign up now to get the limited-time rate of $50 for a 1-hour session.

That is all for today! Wishing you all a joy-filled week ahead. We encourage you to TAKE NOTE of those joyful moments and savor them every second. We are here enjoying them with you, and we DELIGHT to see you happy!

Wishing you peace, joy, and angel blessings!


Michael (and Michelle)

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