This is the introduction to the book, Nature of God: The Revelation. The message is from God, as channeled by Michelle McCann on June 10, 2019


It’s four a.m. I knew you were going to wake me up today at this hour. That’s the time of reconciliation, isn’t it, God?

Yes, my child. It is time to begin the process of healing the world through reunion with your divine mother and me. This morning we are going to write the introduction to our book—The Nature of God: The Revelation. Channeled Messages from Your Heavenly Father and Your Divine Mother.

Ok God, where do we start?

Just start typing.

Now is the time of revelation foretold to you in the Bible. The good news is ready to be revealed—you will all be saved from sin and condemnation. Indeed, there was never any sin and condemnation. That falsehood was perpetuated in the Bible, but it was necessary at the time.

Why couldn’t we know the truth from the beginning?

Information I provided to the writers of the Bible was based in truth and has been a comfort to many throughout the ages. Now, however, it is time to set the story straight. There was no Garden of Eden, no Adam or Eve.

That story was an allegory. As Michelle has written, there is no devil, no Satan, no serpent in the garden. Eve was not “bad” for eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The scenario was simply a metaphor to explain that my children would be given the opportunity to experience contrast, the negative side of energy.

In heaven with your divine mother and me, you knew only our love. Your heart’s desire was to know your magnificence separate from us. So we created a world where you could safely (although sometimes with significant struggle) learn what it was like to be “not God.” Then when you returned to love, your natural inheritance, you would understand the magnificence of who you truly are. We already know this, but you did not realize it.

You are ready to learn this now. Throughout the ages you have had varied experiences, many joys and triumphs, some sorrows and tribulations, wars and famine, disease, all kinds of social ills. Now is the time for all of that to end and for our glorious children to be reunited with us in heaven.

To be clear, in the earthly realm, heaven is a state of mind, in which your will is in alignment with your mother and father God. Michelle explains this relationship later. Listen to our words and strive to live by them. This is how you will come to peace in your hearts and in your minds.

One day, we will all come together in the heavenly realm, but for now your mission is to strive to make heaven on earth. You do this by raising your vibration to one of love—never-ending, always changing, always challenging, love. Choose minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day to love us and your brothers and sisters.

This reconciliation is possible through Jesus, your brother, but you do not need to be Christian to partake in his healing. Your mother and I do not prefer or show favor towards any religion over another. Having no religious affiliation is perfectly okay too. We cherish all our children equally, no matter what spiritual path they follow.

Humanity is the story of the prodigal son. No matter what wrongs you feel you have done to yourselves, to others, or to us, we will always welcome you home with a reverent embrace. Never fear your return to us. Our devotion is not conditional. You are worthy of our love despite any actions you may have taken. This type of love does not exist in the earthly realm. When we are reunited in heaven you will understand, but for now, know this truly in your heart—you can do no wrong in our eyes.

We encourage you to love and help others and take care of your body, mind, and spirit, as we know these activities will bring you joy and happiness. However, should you choose to behave in other ways, it will not take away our love for you. NOTHING you could do could ever do that. As I told Neale Donald Walsch in Conversations with God, even Hitler went to heaven. He came to earth and perpetrated evils to reveal to mankind the things that can happen if we demean others who are different and let power run away with us. All are meant to be equals, God’s children.

That is not to say we are to be the same. Each of us has a unique fingerprint, a soul imprint that is more intricate and elaborate than you could ever imagine. Our hope is for you to “live your fingerprint,” meaning to be who you truly are and live your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. You do this, as I have said, by following your heart’s desires and following your body’s process. If you are tired, rest. If you are joyful, play. If you are with others, love. It is that simple, really.

Just pay attention to your process. Do not let fear get in the way. In times of doubt and anxiety when you long to retreat into your shell, turn towards others. Reveal your true feelings and your true self, and you will find loving connections.

Sometimes you will encounter rejection, but that is no worse than not being who you truly are. Plus, becoming your authentic self means fewer slaps in the face because you connect with those who truly “get” you. Souls who have incarnated together for a similar purpose will reveal themselves as your tribe. Every person has one. Even though we are all one and connected, we bond with some souls more closely and that is ok. These are people with whom we enjoy a strong affinity and sense of safety and security. They could be family or friends—the relationship doesn’t matter as long as the affection is mutual, reflecting love and respect for one another.

To achieve this, you have to take risks. You have to be seen. You have to be yourself—your funny, glorious, loving, tender, sometimes sad, self. When you are your authentic self, others can be too, and you can love one another despite everyone’s flaws and faults. As humans, we all have imperfections, but in heaven we are all perfect children of a perfect God. We are indeed made in God’s image— perfection and pure love.

Read these pages Michelle and I have written with an open mind and a welcoming heart. If you really listen to your heart, you will know what we are saying is true. Deep inside, you have been longing for this truth, to understand the nature of the universe and of me, your God. Now, through Michelle, I am revealing myself to you.

Soon you will not need to read Michelle’s writing or hear her speak because you will begin to develop your own relationship with me. It will be GLORIOUS! I am so excited to reconnect with each one of you, and I know that every one of you longs to reunite with me.

It starts with building a relationship with the angels, as they are the pathway back to me, guides on your route. Each person will travel a different way. Yours will be different from Michelle’s, but as you work with the angels its twists and turns will become clearer.

Michelle will channel another book soon, called The Nature of Angels: The Pathway Back to God. This will provide more information. For now, sit with this one. Rest with it. Take it in. Knowing that we will soon be one again will help calm your heart and soul.

Much love to all of you, my children. May these words bring you peace and joy.

Love, GOD



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