July 20, 2019

MICHELLE: Good morning! Just got my edited angel book from Susan!!! SO EXCITED!!! I only read the first few pages, but it is looking GREAT! Should I take out the parts about people I am to reach out to? I doubt if those things will really happen.

 GOD: No, dear, leave them in. I won’t tell you whether or not they will happen, but those thoughts are part of your journey, so it is important to leave them in.

 Do I need to check with anyone or get approval from anyone to mention people’s names?


Hi, Michael. Good morning! I’m reading our work together!

Yes, I know, dear! That is AWESOME!!!

I’m so excited we will publish soon. There is a little more to add, like our blog from today.

YES! Sorry for the distraction.

Seeing the edits is exciting.

That process will take some time. For this morning, we are to write our blog.

Ok, I was just re-reading.

About connections to God and one another?

Yes, I was getting something like “How to Make Your Soul Sing.” Is that right?


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s write it. Please start typing.

How to Make Your Soul Sing
By Archangel Michael and Mother/Father God as channeled by Michelle McCann

GOOD MORNING DAHHHLINGS!!!! Michael here. Just wanted to greet you with a resounding joyfulness and say hello!

There is still so much for you to learn about angels and how we can help you. First, I’d like to talk about CONNECTION. That is right, CONNECTION—how you will relate to me and all the other angels, as well as to one another. Remember that we are all children of God. YES!!! Even angels are children of God. Born before humans, we have always existed in the heavenly realm (the divine state of energy that is love) and have never lived an earthly incarnation. Struggle, fear, pain, and difficulty were unknown to us until our relationship with humans. Though we don’t experience anguish or trauma, we have felt it with you and understand how to help people cope.

EXPERIENCE and FEELING are separate concepts. To experience something means to have actually LIVED IT, whereas FEELING means to have sensed what it is like. If a friend is suffering or struggling, empathy allows you to step into their shoes and FEEL what it must be like even though you are not going through it yourself.

So it is with us. We are always with you, supporting you, sending you energy filled with love, comfort, compassion, and caring. Even when our vibrations are unfelt, they are always there. You ARE NEVER ALONE!!!! The angels and God are ALWAYS with you. Energy connects us!!! Listen to your heart, and you WILL FEEL our presence even though you cannot touch us, per se.

Michelle does this through writing, her strong suit, but others will CONNECT with us using different senses. A few will hear our voices. Some will FEEL our presence. Many will just “know” we are there. As Michelle’s channeling skill improves, she will “know” what we are trying to tell her just by thinking about us.

Angels and God do not think. We ARE and we FEEL. God created the world for his own and the divine mother’s enjoyment as well as for all his children, both angel and human. All of us co-creators, God and the angels inspire and you build, do, create, think. Nothing can be brought into this earthly reality without humans thinking and doing. And, we LOVE YOUR CREATION! Well, most of it anyway.

As of late, people focused on profit and greed have generated some ugly things that damage the environment and dishonor mother earth and her creation. At this critical juncture humankind must PAY ATTENTION to the damage being done and work to repair it. Many realize we have reached a turning point and if the earth is to survive, we (you) need to make drastic changes—better choices that enhance rather than harm our planet or one another. Poverty and devastation abound, though the world has enough resources to take care of all its inhabitants if only greed would not get in the way.

Please note that we do not judge these “sins” as bad, but we know your earthly existence will be happier if you take care of your planet and help others instead of competing. Every soul LONGS to be connected to God and the angels and fellow humans, although not everyone realizes this. Anxiety, depression, and suicide occur when individuals become unlinked from the spirit world and their brothers and sisters.

It is time to bring this to light. We encourage people to share who they truly are, their AUTHENTIC selves, in order to reconnect with spirit and one another. That’s all it takes—simply being who you are! Although it may sound like a small thing, TRUST ME, IT IS NOT EASY!!! In a world where people have undergone judgment, been abused and hurt by rejection, and endured SO MUCH PAIN, it is hard to “put yourself out there” and risk those feelings again. Those are PAINFUL feelings. We know because we have FELT THEM WITH YOU! WOW! Being human is SO HARD sometimes. The grace with which you handle suffering puts God and the angels in awe.

Upon creating the world, we, your divine mother and heavenly father, had NO IDEA how great the suffering would become. We expected a time of revelation (WHICH IS NOW), when the misery would be intense, but knew that when we CALLED EVERYONE BACK to us, you would return to our loving embrace. However, humans brought the level of pain and torment to the breaking point. That was a human creation. You have hurt each other SO MUCH. I don’t want to belabor this point, because what is done is done. It needed to happen for you to come to know one another, to know us (God), to know the angels, and to know yourselves. But it is TIME FOR THE PAIN AND SUFFERING TO STOP!!! We are revealing ourselves now so we can RECONNECT.

OK, Michelle here. I just realized this is God talking, not Michael.

That is right. It was Michael earlier, and now us, Mother/Father God “speaking.” 

Ok, I updated the title that this was written by Archangel Michael and Mother/Father God. Is that right?

Yes, my dear child. That is EXACTLY RIGHT!

This is all for now. Soon we will write more to be shared with the world. For now, post this writing on the pages where you feel so moved. We will continue this important dialogue in the days and weeks to come. In the meantime, we wish you all (Michelle included) much joy and happiness. The time has come to be FREE and to RELEASE the obstacles that hold you back. I know it is HARD TO BELIEVE, but PEACE ON EARTH will come soon. Just wait to see how it unfolds. IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!

Much love and many angel blessings to you all,
Love, GOD and Michael



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