Today, we would like to talk about something CRUCIAL that we have never talked about before. OK, Just KIDDING! We have talked about this a LOT, but it bears repeating MANY, MANY TIMES, and here it is:

We want you to LOVE YOURSELVES. We know this seems simple, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Loving yourself means BEING YOURSELF and sharing your kindness, your generosity, your highs, your lows, with those who LOVE YOU. And, yes, we know you fear that if people knew the REAL YOU, the parts that are less loving and kind, or the parts of your history that include things you are ASHAMED OF, they would not love you. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Yes, it is HARD to reveal the parts that feel vulnerable because you are not sure how others will react. And SOMETIMES others do react in judgmental and unloving ways. BUT WE DON’T WANT YOU TO GIVE UP!!! Keep trying to find your “tribe”—individuals who GET YOU for WHO YOU ARE. Maybe these people are in your life RIGHT NOW, and you just need to give them a chance to get to know the REAL YOU, or MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, YOU ARE REALLY LUCKY, and THEY ALREADY DO! If you have these kinds of relationships in your life, BRAVO! Good work on making them happen. And, yes, YOU MADE THEM HAPPEN, by being AUTHENTIC, REAL, and BRAVE.

Now, for those who DON’T feel like you have this in your life, DO NOT DESPAIR! We have a SOLUTION. Starting today, we will hold your hand as you take BABY STEPS. Choose one person you feel safe (or somewhat safe) with and share something you are struggling with. Ask for their kindness and compassion. Reassure them that they don’t need to SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM OR TO DO ANYTHING, except to LISTEN and have empathy for your feelings. That’s it!

We know it sounds easy (or maybe it sounds terrifying to you), but here is where the MAGIC HAPPENS. WE, THE SPIRIT TEAM—God, the angels, the ancestors, the ascended masters, and yes, even the fairies and gnomes—are all “up here” (we are not physically “up” or “away,” but we’ll talk about this another time😊) HELPING YOU! We bring the RIGHT PEOPLE INTO YOUR LIFE and OPEN THE HEARTS OF THOSE ALREADY IN YOUR tribe to welcome you with open arms. Because of FREE WILL, we can’t promise it will be easy and smooth sailing EVERY TIME, but if you give it a chance and BE BRAVE, you will start to see the MAGIC UNFOLD! And by MAGIC, we mean you WILL start to see your dreams come true—more loving relationships, more joy in your daily activities, more excitement about pursuing your life’s passion and calling. New opportunities WILL open up to and for you—YOU JUST HAVE TO ASK! Ask God and the angels to help you be brave, to be your authentic self, and to MAKE THE MAGIC HAPPEN. WE ARE HERE—READY and WAITING to be called on to make your dreams come true.

That is all for now. Michelle is telling us this is getting too long. She understands people’s earthly lives are BUSY, and “up here” we have no sense of time. So we will trust her judgment that it is time to wrap this up. Just stick to this bat time, and this bat channel (we love cartoons!), and Michelle will write more “instructions” in the weeks to come. Listen to our words and start to implement them in your life, and WATCH THE MAGIC UNFOLD! WE CAN’T WAIT!!! Ta-ta, toodle-oo, and have a WONDERFUL WEEK.

With Peace, Joy, and Angel Blessings,





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