August 22, 2021

Gosh, it has been some time since I’ve written here!

On my end, it has been a whirlwind couple of months. I started to work on publishing my SECOND BOOK:

Michael and Me:
The ARCHANGEL Who Wants to Talk to YOU!

Hard to fathom that I wrote (channeled) this book over a year ago and am finally getting the nudge to get it out into the world. Exciting times.

I’ve also been working on creating Gibraltar, A Holistic Wellness Community, with a co-founder and an amazing leadership team and board.

I’ve been promoting my business, Michelle D McCann, Author & Divine Channel.

I’ve been taking care of a family, my husband and son, and trying to find some down time to take care of myself too, and to meditate, pray, journal, read, listen to audiobooks, take Epsom salt baths, cook healthy meals, grocery shop, go for walks with friends, and expand my horizons in a plethora of ways.

…And, OH YEAH,

I just got out of the hospital after an 11-day stay.

Think the UNIVERSE is trying to send me a message??!!!???

God love me. I am the type of person who thinks I’m never doing enough. The old messages of “I’m lazy” come up for me often. Even doing ALL OF THESE THINGS, I still felt like I wasn’t working hard enough.


I think of the expression:

“Keep on doing what you’ve always done,
and you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.”

Not proper English, I realize, but powerfully true nonetheless.

So I’m working hard to change this pattern of DOING too much and BURNING MYSELF OUT.

…And, OH YEAH…

That was another project I’m working on, a book about living with Bi-Polar Disorder and PTSD.

It is called:

How to Be ON FIRE and Not BURN UP:
Bi-Polar is Beautiful When You Stay in the Sweet Spot.

I woke up this morning at 3 a.m. and could not sleep.

It’s a sign that too much is going on in my head, so I got up to have a cup of tea and to journal, and this is what came out, along with a very strange moment of…

Feeling grateful for my fingers…LOL…

As I reconnected my Surface Pro tablet screen to my keyboard, I had kind of a random thought— what a gift fingers are, right??!?!!

It reminds me of a friend saying “We are an extension of source.” She likened God to an octopus with humans as the tentacles. God is not separate from us and we are not separate from one another.

Another analogy I suggest is a hand and fingers. “God is like the palm of our hand,” and “our fingers are us.”

We are not separate, could never be separate. Even though the fingers operate seemingly independently, they are, after all, CONNECTED and part of a larger whole.

Deep thoughts on this Sunday morning😊.

Hope it helps you, like it does me, to know that we are always COMPLETELY SURROUNDED and CONNECTED to GOD, SOURCE, THE UNIVERSE, EACH OTHER, and to all the beings in SPIRIT—angels, guides, departed loved ones, ancestors, ascended masters, and yes, even fairies and elementals.

WE ARE ALL ONE, just like fingers are an extension of our hands.

On that note, I’ll call this a wrap.

My words of wisdom for you today are to REST, ENJOY this SUNDAY, and know that YOU ARE ALWAYS DOING ENOUGH.

SIMPLY BEING YOU is DOING ENOUGH. Now, if I would only listen to my own words…LOL.

Happy Sunday, folks. I’ll be back in touch when I feel called to reach out again.

In the meantime, be well as I wish you PEACE🤟, JOY🥳, and ANGEL Blessings 😇.

With love and GRATITUDE,



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