Nice day! And so productive. Made salad dressing, washed potatoes for dinner, had my own personal dance party with ’90s music, showered, and sat outside and video-chatted with my friend Christina. Then I had lunch, messaged with my publisher, sent feedback on my pre-order page to my webpage designer, and sent out FREE copies of The Nature of God: The Revelation to my email list and friends who expressed interest. Whew! Feeling like maybe we should work on my Sunday email.


That’s the title?


Subject Line: FUN . . . FUN . . . FUN!!!

Inbox Preview: It is fun to live the life of your dreams (heart emoji)

Here we go. This is going to be a FUN! email. Michelle is delighted that she is officially retired from her corporate job and now gets to spend her days communing with us, preparing for her book launch, and connecting with family and friends. And this is what we want for ALL OF YOU! OK, not necessarily to RETIRE, but to DO WHAT YOUR HEART WANTS YOU TO DO!

That’s right. NOW IS THE TIME! No more waiting for the moment to be right, for everything to line up PERFECTLY. NOPE! Now is the time to take a LEAP OF FAITH! That thing—you know, the THING you have ALWAYS WANTED TO DO???!!!! Yep, that THING! That is what you SHOULD do. Or rather, what you COULD DO. Just entertain the idea. Allow your imagination to get carried away. If you could wave a magic wand, what would your life look like? Ask the angels to make your wish come true. As Michelle can attest, “ANGELS MAKE THE MAGIC HAPPEN!”

You can HAVE the life of your dreams and live your heart’s desires EVERY DAY. But you have to ask the angels for help, and THEN PAY ATTENTION to their signs and heed their warnings. Not to scare you, but angels give you THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY. Just kidding! There is no BAD or UGLY, only beauty, when it comes to our children. As long as you LISTEN and FOLLOW OUR GUIDANCE, your life can be TRULY MAGICAL! Just ask Michelle. She is just so tickled to be living the life of her dreams. OK, she is a little nervous about the finances (yes, even she has doubts, despite our CONSTANT REASSURANCE . . . LOL😊). BUT if you put your faith in us to fulfill your dreams, WE WILL MAKE THEM COME TRUE. You may need to take some difficult steps, do some healing, and muster the courage to take some risks, but if you do, you will be GREATLY REWARDED.

Michelle is thinking this is too long. We can get VERBOSE, but we have SO MUCH TO SAY! Anyhoo, we will say toodle-oo for now until next week. In the meantime, ASK THE ANGELS for help with whatever your heart desires, and WAIT FOR THE MAGIC TO UNFOLD.

Michael, this feels like you with all caps. Who is talking today?

It is the WHOLE SPIRIT TEAM—guides, ancestors, angels, Mother/Father God, and all the creatures who have crossed over. Yes, creatures (not in a gross way . . . LOL). Entities, both HUMAN and ANIMAL, are ALL HERE CHEERING YOU ON and encouraging you to live your dreams. YOU CAN DO IT! OK, we will stop now. Just know we love you and with our support, you can do ANYTHING YOU WISH!

With love and angel blessings,

Michael and the SPIRIT TEAM!



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