July 27, 2020

Michelle: Good morning, Spirit Team! It is 6:56 am. Sitting outside. I have been writing in my paper journal but felt like writing with you outside like old times. Can you help me prioritize and think positive thoughts about the future?

The Spirit Team: Why yes, Dear. Yes we can. First of all, let’s write your email for this week. It’s going to be a DOOZY!!!

Michelle: I’m excited to hear what you have to say.

The Spirit Team: OK . . . let’s get started . . .

Now is the time of the revelation.

Michelle: Are you kidding? This line again?

The Spirit Team: Yep, we know. You think we are joking but we are NOT! Please continue.

Now is the time of the revelation predicted in the Bible. You don’t need to be religious to believe or to know that this is true. Even if you’ve never read the Bible, that is OK. We don’t judge. Some people feel that the world is going to “hell in a handbasket.” We want to clarify that, while this APPEARS to be true, the truth is the darkness is coming to the light to be healed. THAT IS RIGHT! TO BE HEALED. For generations, millions of years, people have been learning all about CONTRAST, THE NEGATIVE SIDE OF ENERGY. Michelle has written about this in her book (which you should buy, by the way, if you haven’t). In it, she reveals how you can live your most joyous and fruitful life, filled with abundance and happiness.

It seems easy—following your heart and listening to our guidance. BUT IT IS NOT EASY! We understand. There are fears, doubts, naysayers, judgments, feeling not good enough, and so on and so on. SO MANY REASONS to feel like you have to go through life in a daze, doing what are supposed to do or MUST DO to survive. HERE IS THE THING: You will only live your most abundant life when you follow your heart’s calling. That is US—GUIDING YOU!

We know what your soul most deeply desires, and we are helping you fulfill your purpose and mission. This calling is twofold: 1) TO BE HAPPY and 2) TO SHINE YOUR LIGHT AND SHARE YOUR GIFTS WITH THE WORLD. Indeed, this is HOW we help the world heal. When each soul steps into their rightful place, bringing the gifts they are meant to share, ONLY THEN WILL THERE BE PEACE. I know it feels like a LONG ROAD AHEAD, and we’re sorry to say it is a little long (not forever long, like torturously long, but DEFINITELY NOT AS SOON AS YOU HUMANS WOULD LIKE😊). But REST ASSURED. The time of PEACE and JOY and ABUNDANCE IS COMING.

Michelle: Can you tell us more about the timing and what we can do to help?

The Spirit Team: Nope. Just kidding! Of course, Dear. As we have said, strive to live hour by hour, day by day, loving yourself, loving others, and doing what your heart desires. Live in the moment. FEEL THE JOY AROUND YOU. Yes, sometimes there is pain and sadness and grief, and we want you to cry and talk to friends, journal, pray, and do what you need to do to take care of yourself when you feel blue. Walk in the park, take a nap, cook a healthy meal, whatever makes you feel better. THEN, when you see the “light” again, focus on joy and gratitude. Being grateful opens your heart to the love that awaits you, every moment of EVERY DAY. LOVE IS EVERYWHERE. Right now, lots of people are feeling lonely and missing touch and interaction. This will soon change. I know we have said the “cure” for the coronavirus is coming, but it will be a little while still. In the meantime, savor this time of joy and reflection.

Michelle: It doesn’t feel joyful.

We know, but bear with us. What we MEAN is that there are MOMENTS of JOY to be found, even in the darkest times. Look for them. A butterfly in your path, a bird flying overhead, a mouse in your house (LOL . . . OK, we know MOST PEOPLE WOULD NOT FIND THAT ENDEARING!) But you get the picture. Treasure the moments of your lives. A human existence is a difficult but BEAUTIFUL GIFT. TREASURE IT. Make the MOST OF IT by being who you truly are and following your heart’s desires.

It’s funny Michelle hasn’t told us this is getting too long because she is enjoying this conversation and the HOPEFULNESS that it brings. But we will STOP for now. We have MUCH MORE to say in the weeks and months ahead. Soon, with our direction, Michelle will begin making videos on which we will answer many of your questions. Feel free to reach out to Michelle via email at me@michelledmccann.com if YOU have a question  and would like her to channel an answer from us. In the meantime, BE WELL.

We wish you peace, joy, and ANGEL BLESSINGS,


Michelle and The Spirit Team




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