August 1, 2019

Michelle: I can’t believe it is August! I’m enjoying summer and love being outside. Not ready for it to be over yet. While we still have a while, I know I should revel in the moment.

God and Michael: That’s right, Dear. Try to live for each day and not dwell on the past or future. With the book and the path and coming steps, you are all hung up on what comes next. Just bask in it! Take delight in what you have accomplished so far. Savor the positive feedback and your own feelings about this progress.

Yes, but I am feeling unsure again. “Yes, but…” is a copout, not a strong YES!!!!! I am still looking for validation and want to do this full-time and not work at the bank. Although that job is going pretty well, and I don’t mind it, the time commitment is huge and it doesn’t answer the calling of my soul like this work does. Of course, I also want my finances to be fully secure, and the paycheck helps.

Speaking of help, I want the book to HELP PEOPLE! But people have to SEE IT for it to assist them! How can I best get the word out? Wait—I know. Ask you to push forward the message and let it unfold.

The narrative will unfold quickly. We promise.

It has already started.

How so?

I just shared the news of my “coming out” with my Facebook friends and on a few pages.

And they are telling people.

Is this me projecting? My wishful thinking?

Yes, but it is also true.

Let’s talk about something you want me and others to learn, so that I can know it is coming through you and help me to feel more connected.

What do you want to talk about?

“FAITH” just popped into my mind. Is that right?

Yes, let’s talk about FAITH. The concept impacts you right now but also will be good for others to know. FAITH is believing without seeing or knowing for sure. Although you “KNOW” by “hearing” our voices that we will help introduce your book to the world, you doubt because the path on which to do that is unclear. Steps are shrouded in uncertainty. Indeed, the destination is not clear either. Even with your strong connection to us, our talks every morning at 5 a.m., and you asking whatever you like, Faith requires trust that everything is in the hands of God and the angels and that we will not let you down.

Presenting an additional challenge are the times you have prayed or asked for things and didn’t receive them. Either it was not yet time or your soul needed certain experiences to grow, and WE KNEW THAT! We could do only what your heart desired at its deepest level, at your soul level. So while it seemed we were not providing what you asked for, the truth is, we were! In each lifetime, we supply the things each soul itemizes before incarnation. This life was our joint plan—YOU (your soul), God, the angels, the ancestors, the guides, the ascended masters, the fairies, the gnomes—

Really? Fairies and gnomes????

OK, we’re getting a little grandiose here…LOL. Just understand that you and your FULL SPIRIT TEAM planned this life EXACTLY as it needs to be for your soul to achieve the fullest expression of itself. ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE. Faith and trust are difficult when things are hard. You want life to be fun and easy. Indeed, we want it to be fun and easy for you, but your soul incarnated specifically to experience certain problems. The time is drawing near when these ordeals will fall away. As I have said, this is the time of the revelation and soon, the reconciliation. All of the “evil” in the world will soon die away.

Now, that sounds GRANDIOSE! So much in the world needs to be repaired and addressed.

True, and it will not happen overnight. But people need to understand, IT WILL HAPPEN. THERE WILL BE PEACE ON EARTH, and it is starting now, with you—each and every soul. Now is the time to choose to love. Love yourself, love your neighbor, love your Mother and Father God.

What do we need to do?

LISTEN TO US! CONNECT WITH US! We are the way back to love. A Return to Love, as Marianne Williamson described in her book, comes when everyone has FAITH in the MEANING of life and this existence. When they understand there is a REASON for their suffering and that an ALL-LOVING GOD OF GRACE never punishes them, EVER! When everyone’s mission is to LOVE and BE LOVED. This is where FAITH comes in.

TRUST that this is the new way of the universe. Under the old paradigm, KARMA RULED. If people made mistakes in one lifetime, they had to balance out that negative energy with something positive in another incarnation or weather the negative results themselves in order to grasp the ramifications of their actions. You faced this yourself.

But karma’s time has come to an end, as it has been balanced at a cosmic level. That’s right—there is no more need for people to “pay” for their mistakes. And, by “pay,” we do not mean they will be punished for their “sins,” but that they must appreciate that every action has an impact on the whole. In order to truly internalize the concept, souls needed to UNDERGO the results of the impact in a meaningful way. THIS WAS NOT PUNISHMENT, but an exercise in learning and experiencing to understand.

Do I have this right? I feel not as clear today.

It is OK, Dear. You are tired.

I don’t feel sleepy.

Your soul is weary. You have worked SO HARD through this lifetime (in recent months especially) and over many lifetimes to bring us to this point. To have us all reunited and at peace again, knowing the truth of who you are, and ultimately to be reconciled with us in the heavenly realm, has always been your soul’s dream. I’m sorry, but the reconciliation will take some time— earth time. It is and has always been NOW in the heavenly realms. This earthly existence is like a dream from heaven.

 I’m getting confused. Is this why A Course in Miracles says “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God”? 

EXACTLY right. While your earthly existence FEELS real and is REAL in the sense that you FEEL and SUFFER and LOVE and have JOY, your soul never left the heavenly realms. It just FELT like you were separated. The separation is an illusion. YOU ARE CONNECTED TO US, TO GOD and THE ANGELS, ALL THE TIME!

WOW! So the suffering is just that we don’t know this?

That is the greatest suffering of all. Think of childbirth. It can entail great suffering (especially when there is no medication used to help ease the pain). But on the other side of that distress waits a wondrous gift—A CHILD! You will become a PARENT and know what it is like to create another human being. To love like you have never loved before. To be loved in a way you have never known in the earthly realm. The love of a child for their parent is AMAZING.

In their world, you are PERFECT! I see you this way—the perfect part of yourself. Indeed, all of you is perfect even though in human form you make “mistakes,” judging yourself and others in ways that are hurtful. This is part of the human condition but does not alter the perfection that is your SOUL.

But the suffering…

Yes, I got off track…LOL. The suffering is greatest because people do not understand the MEANING! Victor Frankl’s writing will be helpful here. He survived the concentration camps and did some incredible work in his lifetime because he found MEANING in his pain. That is the task for all humans now—to understand and TRUST the meaning and TO HAVE FAITH IN AN ALL-LOVING GOD and the MIRACLES THAT ANGELS CAN MAKE HAPPEN.

Will we still suffer? Or, has that time ended?

It is the beginning of the end. Once people understand, their pain will be relieved. Not the physical pain necessarily, but the emotional pain of not understanding WHY they are going through difficult times.

I want the SUFFERING TO STOP!!! You are right. I am impatient. But I see so much suffering in the world, and I just want us all to be happy and live in peace with one another.

God: This is because you know and remember the meaning in your unconscious, and it is coming to the surface. YES, there was a time when Mother and Father GOD, the angels, and all the souls were all together, happy and loving one another in the heavenly realms. It was beautiful. I have said you were the “First Soul,” whose idea it was to create this earthly existence so souls could experience negative energy to understand contrast. The truth is, it was my idea to facilitate your full understanding of your magnificence. Me—FATHER GOD.

You were simply the first soul to hear my call. You “FELT” me, knew I LONGED TO BE KNOWN to my children. That was the only thing I was without—your LOVE in return, and the love of a child for their parent. I did not have that prior to the creation of the earthly realm. Mother God did not long for this in the same way I did. But she loved me SO MUCH, she wanted me to be happy and FULLY KNOWN by you, my children. So, in a sense, it was my longing that did cause all your suffering.

BUT YOU (The First Soul) let your brothers’ and sisters’ souls know what I longed for, and they all agreed to “play this game of life” with you (and me) in order that I could be fully known to them. This existence, life in the earthly realm, was only undertaken with the agreement of all my children, all the souls I ever created.

WOW! What a LOT to take it. I feel like this should be a blog.

Michael: YES, INDEEDY! Michael, stepping in for a laugh.

OK, Michael, another joke? And, please tell me it is not “Why did the chicken cross the road” (AGAIN)!

YES! Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to KNOW GOD! You all, God’s little “chickens,” agreed to cross the road (and get hit by a few cars…LOL) to KNOW YOUR FATHER GOD.

Ha! Well, I for one, am delighted to know my Father God. I feel like I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg!

God: This is true, my child, but (God here) you are starting to feel me and my loving presence.

That is a first for me. I’m crying now.

I know you can’t believe you could be the one who gave this gift to me. All my children did, really, but you orchestrated it. THAT’S RIGHT! You were the ringleader. Some of the souls doubted or worried this was not a good idea, but you “brought them all into the fold” convincing them to do this FOR ME! You were the one who FELT my LONGING and explained it to the others, but they did not FEEL it like you did.


That is one of your greatest gifts, your ability to FEEL.

Right now, this FEELS real, but I’m questioning my sanity again. Is this manic grandiosity?

You are not manic. I know you remember what that felt like—SO RUSHED! Like you had to do everything, all at once, and everything was coming at you. That is not happening now. Instead of doing, you are taking it ALL IN.

And it is time for a break. This has been a lengthy session. If you were manic, you would keep going and going and going, like the Energizer Bunny…LOL. Not to laugh at your fears, my dear. But I want you to TRUST that you KNOW THE TRUTH. You FEEL IT!

I do feel it but just don’t trust it fully sometimes.

That is OK. I will continue to work with you to TRUST. You will learn soon enough. Having people validate your experience will help. Even though you prefer not to look for outside validation, I don’t want you to doubt yourself. Not everyone has to believe, but many will and this will bolster your confidence. You are tired. Go ahead and take a break for today. Send this to Susan for editing, and we will “talk” again soon.

What should the blog be called?

Simply, “FAITH.”

Thank you.

Thank you, my child.




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