Archangel Michael suggested I share some writing about love, excerpted from The Nature of Angels writing on June 15, 2019.

Good. Now that that is settled, let’s talk about what I really want to talk about today—LOVE.

That sounds like a great topic.

It is. By love, I mean not just eros (romantic love), but philia (love between friends), storge (family love), and agape (universal love of God and neighbors). There are lots of people in the world to love, as well as those not on the earthly plane—ancestors and angels, and as I said, God, Divine Mother, and Heavenly Father.

What would you like us to know?

Philautia—love of self. Self-love may be the most important of all because it is only when you love yourself that you have the CAPACITY to love others. Philautia comes first.

How do you love yourself, especially when you may feel unworthy?

You remember your spiritual nature. ALL PEOPLE have the love of God, the spark of the divine, within them. Yes, all caps—EVERY PERSON IS SECURE IN THE LOVE OF GOD. No matter how bad you think you are, the wrongs you have committed, the negative feelings you have of yourself or others have of you, you are still a beloved child of God—NO EXCEPTIONS. This is a point that bears repeating over and over and over again. So often people believe they are unlovable, and this is just not possible. Although they may not feel love for themselves or from others in the earthly realm, it is important to know that they have the unconditional love of God, their divine mother, and heavenly father, and the infinite number of angels.

The primary angel humans should begin working with is their guardian angel. Everyone has a guardian angel, a single energetic entity with masculine and feminine qualities. As you know, yours is Jim/Johnetta. You have seen them as beings of light.

I have. It took me months to know their names, and at first I thought they were kind of funny!

Their names are as they should be, and you will learn more about this later. For now, let’s help others learn to connect with guardian angels, as that will help them find and stay on their paths. Everyone’s guardian angel was created when their soul was incarnated by Mother and Father God. Guardian angels love unconditionally the person they are assigned to. No matter what you say or do, your guardian angel is always there—loving you, cheering you on, working to help you find your path back to who you truly are. They are your champion.

Constantly seeking guidance directly from God, guardian angels make sure to help you in the most effective and beneficial ways. BUT for their efforts to be most meaningful, you need to ask for their help. There is only so much they can do without a person’s permission because they can’t interfere with free will—that is, your human will, your current desires. They know your SOUL’S desires, but only God …

OK, I’ve stopped typing again.

One moment… I am thinking…. This is not to be known yet. There will be more on this later, but let’s just finish up with the guardian angel’s role and the importance of connecting with them. As you have done, people can use oracle cards. The deck you used from Denise Linn, the Gateway Oracle deck, is a great one but certainly not the only one. People can do a Google search for “angel oracle cards,” pay attention to what they are drawn to, and use those.

It is hysterical that Archangel Michael is telling people to GOOGLE…LOL!

Yes, Dear, we are not antiquated (I had to spellcheck this word…LOL).

Keeping you on your toes. You are funny!

I know. Anyway, we angels and God know all the ways of modern life—we created them, in fact. Humans thought them into being, but God and I created the possibility of the world as it is today, with all its technology and advancements. Of these, we are well versed and aware. Even your rocket scientists can pray to us for guidance on a project and we will spark ideas they can implement. It will be phenomenal!

But I digress…back to guardian angels. People should begin their connection to the angels by building a relationship with their guardian angel. Yes, everyone CAN and will do this! You can even have a two-way conversation. It starts with “training wheels” like the oracle cards, with you asking a question and the answer coming through the cards. Or people can journal—write down a question and see what answer comes from their guardian angel. You did all of this with Karan. She knows how to facilitate these connections and will be doing this for many going forward.

Courses like Karan’s ( more information) will be helpful but not absolutely necessary, as you are going to give enough instructions in this book (manual, really) to enable people do it on their own. Although easy, connecting takes time, as you have experienced. It is like learning a new language, and it requires DESIRE and DEDICATION. If people truly want to connect with the angels and God (which they do whether they know or admit it or not), they will. The dedication will come for people in divine timing. Some are ready now, and some will need more time, and either way is OK with God, the angels, and me. We know divine timing is perfect, and we trust that all will be well.

So, for connecting with their guardian angels, people should ask for help, then look for signs and synchronicities?

Feathers may alert them that their angel is there, or they may see a vision or light orb. Some people sense a vibration or just “know” things the angels are saying, although usually this takes a little while, as it did for you, Michelle. When you did the exercise of asking questions and writing what came to mind, you weren’t sure at first whether it was real or true. Later these became coherent messages from your guardian angel. You just followed the instructions, and now you pull these notes often as reminders of the love and information I have for you.

OK, Michael. What else?

That is enough for today. Can’t wait for things to unfold, although remember, it is all in divine timing. No need to rush it.

Got it! Have a good day too, Michael.

As I always say, I always do!



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