Excerpt from The Nature of God: The Revelation

This message is from God, as channeled by Michelle McCann on March 7, 2020

We are channeling an introduction to this section of the book to help Michelle publish by the launch party we have told her to schedule for June 15, 2020. Since May of last year, we have been toiling away to bring this book to fruition, and we are keen to get it out into the world soon.

Indeed, this is the revelation foretold in the Bible. The time has come for all God’s children to come back into the fold. By that we mean to reconnect with us, God and the angels, and to have a direct connection to us and to all beings that reside in the spiritual realms.

THIS IS POSSIBLE. As we have said, Michelle is not special in her ability to do this. She has WORKED HARD to learn this LANGUAGE of communicating with the divine realms. We want to be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR: YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!!

Yes, indeedy! You may not believe it now, but if you listen to the words Michelle (and we) have written in these pages, you too will learn to “hear our voices”—the voices from beyond. Please know though, that we are not “beyond” as in some WAY OFF PLACE. We are right here,with you, connected by energy AT ALL TIMES.

Trust that if you call on your angels, specifically your guardian angel, to guide your path, THEY WILL HELP YOU! In whatever way you endeavor to connect with us, they will facilitate the actions you need to take, the books you need to read, the classes that will help you, the prayers you can say. Whatever will help you connect with us, THEY KNOW THE PATH.

It is like plugging an address into a GPS. You may not know all the stops along the way, but you can trust (as long as the GPS is not faulty, you are thinking . . . LOL, but the angels have no DEFECTS!) you will get to your destination—a connection with God, the angels, and the spirit realms. TRUST. Follow our  guidance and let the magic unfold!





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