Hello friends, lovers, dreamers, and gentle people!

Michael here! Michelle has been feeling a little more relaxed, leaning into trusting us that things will unfold as they should. Yes, she wishes the book sales would take off so our words can bring comfort and joy to the world, but the time has not yet come. It WILL, but NOT YET. She is trusting that we will guide her on how to get the word out when the world is READY. If you are reading, or have read, Michelle’s book, CONGRATULATIONS! You are ahead of the game. WE HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD. More is to come, but in the meantime, enjoy our weekly emails and perusing the passages of our book, The Nature of God: The Revelation. Michelle will be writing much more in the future, but we are giving her a little break as she has worked SO HARD FOR US.

As far as our words of inspiration this week, they are few. Just kidding😊! We ALWAYS have words of inspiration! THIS WEEK’S WORD: JOY. Yes, I know last week we talked about the joy of finding a mouse in your house . . . LOL, and this week we want to talk about FINDING JOY IN THE MUNDANE. There are SO MANY LIFE TASKS TO BE DONE: the laundry, cooking dinner, doing dishes, mowing the lawn, doing your hair, grocery shopping, and ON and ON and ON. So many RESPONSIBILITIES you have as humans, not to mention trying to work and raise families and take care of elderly parents or ill spouses. Sometimes it can FEEL overwhelming. Our message to you is to find JOY in these moments that seem difficult or draining. We know this FEELS HARD, and yet, this is our challenge, our encouragement to you. Think of the pleasure of the water running over your hands as you do the dishes, or the sun shining on your face as you mow the lawn. The scent of the detergent as you fold your freshly cleaned clothes. You get the idea. This may not seem like a BIG message, yet IT IS. CHOOSE TO TREASURE these simple moments of your life, and they will bring you joy.

Michelle here. That seems like good advice but maybe a little difficult to implement. What guidance can you offer to make this easier and help us feel less stressed by ALL WE HAVE TO DO!?!?

Just RELAX INTO IT. Trust that ALL IS UNFOLDING AS IT SHOULD. Know that even doing the laundry is a GIFT FROM GOD. You are learning to take care of yourself and others. This may seem menial, but it is no less important than writing a book or giving a speech that motivates thousands of people. WE KNOW YOU FIND THIS STRANGE, BUT IT IS TRUE! NO MOMENT IS MORE (OR LESS) IMPORTANT THAN ANOTHER. Each moment is a thread in THE TAPESTRY OF GOD’S BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE. They (GOD) revel in what you view as the MUNDANE, as such activities don’t exist in the heavenly realms. They TREASURE these experiences. So just remember, when you are doing those tasks you feel are unimportant, GOD IS ENJOYING THEM WITH YOU.

That is all for now. We hope you take our words to heart and sing with pleasure while doing your tasks this week. We know it will uplift your spirits.

Wishing you peace, joy, and Angel Blessings,


Michael, The Spirit Team and Michelle




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