About Michelle

Michelle’s background and personal experiences give her a unique perspective to help individuals strengthen their connection to God and the Angels and to understand mental illness and trauma in a new way. The holder of a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, she practiced as a social worker for 11 years in various roles with women, children, and families. At Widener University (PA), she directed a welfare-to-work program, supervised graduate students, and taught in the MSW program. Michelle also spent many years in the corporate world, primarily in marketing roles.

In 2007, Michelle was hospitalized following an acute psychotic episode and later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. During this and subsequent episodes, she believed she was Jesus. Through psychiatric care, Michelle has lived a “normal” life as a happily married wife, mother of one really terrific son, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a working professional. She recently discovered the concept of spiritual emergence and has come to believe that some of her unusual experiences involved her connecting with the divine.

Although Michelle was exposed to Christianity throughout her life and honors the love and compassion Christ symbolizes, she has no religious affiliation. Through her experiences and the teachings of many spiritual mentors, Michelle now understands that it is truly possible to make direct connection with God, Source, Creator, Higher Power—whatever you choose to call that mystery of the universe that is greater than we are. Her hope is that by sharing her story, others affected by the challenges of mental illness, as well as those seeking their spiritual path, will find peace.

A true Delawarean now, Michelle’s southern roots (Mississippi) and small-town Midwestern upbringing (Illinois) help to keep her grounded as she traverses the spiritual realms.