Good morning Gentle People,

Archangel Michael here!

We are going to be short and sweet this week, succinct for a change.

Michelle feels like we have been talking too much . . . LOL😊. Truly, she loves what we have to say, but she knows that time is a precious commodity these days, with most people feeling the pinch of being pulled in all directions, feeling like there is never enough time in the day.

Michelle understands this time crunch. She has SO MANY INTERESTS, it is hard for her to juggle all the things she wants to listen to, read, see, watch, hear, etc. etc. etc. That is a bit of her “manic” personality, always wanting to do and be and know more. What she doesn’t always remember is that not all of these activities fulfill her life’s purpose. While it is important to enjoy and make the most of your time on this earth, it is critical to maintain your connection to nature and the divine.

How do you do that?

RELAX! That’s it. Just for today, no work, no paying bills, no honey do lists. BE IN THE MOMENT. Go for a walk, feel the breeze, smell the sunshine (it really does have a smell—see if you can pick up on it😊).

Or dance in the rain if it is overcast in your neck of the woods. Spend time reading for pleasure, watch a silly movie, make a delicious meal, talk on the phone with a friend . . . whatever floats your boat. Today is a day of REST.

Some might say, “Honor the Sabbath and keep it holy.”

That may feel a little too religious and it’s OK if that doesn’t float your boat. We do LOVE that expression😊!

We just ask that you listen to the sentiment if not the words. This is a day to honor yourself, and in turn, honor the source that is greater than you.

May your day and your week ahead be filled with peace, joy, and angel blessings (angel emoji)!

With love and gratitude,

Michelle and Her Spirit Team


Musical Feature this week:

Gospel classic “I’ve Got Peace Like a River”

Sung by Lynda Randle

This is one of my favorite Gospel Hymns!!!

Boy, does it stir in my soul!!

I’m still figuring out what to call myself as far as my spirituality is concerned. I feel like I might be “Interfaith,” (does such a thing exist???) finding inspiration, solace, and meaning from a broad range of ideas, texts, and music of varied religions, spiritual and non-spiritual sources.

I want it to be okay for me to honor all of these traditions when I feel so moved. Like now, I’m enjoying the spirit of Christmas which is such a part of my history and culture. At the same time, I’m wishing friends Happy Hanukah and asking to learn more about this celebration.

Maybe I don’t need a label and I just do what feels right?!?! Would be curious to hear your thoughts on the subject and your faith traditions and inspirations:)! Feel free to comment below.

Blog Photo Image:

I feel like I may be starting a new hobby…photography! This is the covered bridge at Ashland Nature Center in Hockessin, Delaware, USA. Taken by me, spur of the moment on my ride home from running errands a while back. Maybe one day I’ll create a collection of my photos and call them “God’s Artwork.”

What do you think?☮🌈

Leave a comment below if you feel moved to share!




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