The Nature of Angels: The Pathway Back to God

Archangel Michael, channeled by Michelle McCann

There is SO MUCH to know about us, the angels, that will be helpful for everyone to know. Michelle is writing an entire book titled, The Nature of Angels: The Pathway Back To God, that will provide much more detail, but today we will start with six things I (Michael) would like you to know about me and my squad. Yes, all of the angels fall under me, and I like to call myself, as Michelle knows, the Chief Miracle Officer (CMO). That nickname is my own invention, and I LOVE IT. Okay, let’s get started!

1. Angels are here for you always, no matter what.

Although you may feel alone sometimes, YOU NEVER ARE. We are always here loving and supporting you, so you never need to fear. When you call on us for help, we will guide you back to your path. If you have gone astray, not to worry–WE WILL LEAD YOU BACK. At times people believe that once they slip up, it’s all over. They must be bad and not worthy. That is SO NOT TRUE!!!!. Regardless of the mistakes you THINK you have made, just ask us to set you back on your path and we will quickly do that. Remember also that somethings you think are errors are actually part of your life plan. Sometimes they are not in your highest good, but if you recognize that and ask for help, we are ALWAYS HERE for you. Angels do not hold grudges or pass judgment. We love you, ALWAYS, NO MATTER WHAT!!!

2. Angels Always Love You, No Matter What!!!!

This bears repeating, over and over and over again. People feel unlovable because of their original separation from God (Michelle will talk more about this in her blog, The Nature of God: The Revelation. Just know for now that YOU ARE WORTHY, of love, belonging, blessings, and yes, even miracles. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU…NO EXCEPTIONS. [Michelle here–Michael, that is an awful lot of capitals. All caps usually represents yelling…LOL.] I’m not yelling but rather being EMPHATIC because I want people to really take this in. [Gotcha. Please continue.]😊

3. And this is another Biggie, you can do no wrong in our eyes.

When you beat yourselves up over “mistakes,” it makes us sad. We know your wonderful nature, and want you to just be happy. Call on us, and we can help you BE HAPPY. We can make miracles happen. If you need a new job, ask us for help. Doors will open. Need a new car? Just ask, and we will not only lead you to the right one, but the money to buy it too. Whatever you need, just ask. It may sound impossible, but we are MIRACLE WORKERS. Once you ask us, anything is possible.

4. No, you don’t “pray” to angels. Prayer is reserved for God.

Sometimes prayers don’t get answered because God knows it is not in your best interest or highest good for your soul’s growth. It doesn’t mean they (God, we refer to God as “they” now. Michelle talks about this in her first The Nature of God blog) aren’t listening. They hear every prayer and take each under thoughtful consideration. Whether or not they grant your request, God will always be there for comfort and support as you work through difficult circumstances. Imagine having a child with cancer who needs a painful treatment to get well again. You would be with them, loving them, nurturing them, and letting them know it is hard but things will be better once this is over. Not a perfect example, because children with cancer do not always get better if that is their life plan. (We’ll talk about this in a future blog). BUT your life plan is always sure to end up back with God.

5. Angels love to have fun, just like humans do.

Laugh with us, talk to us, call on us, ask us! We love to help. That is our soul purpose, to assist people in finding their way back to God and to make miracles so the journey is enjoyable. Life is full of trials and tribulations—this is how souls grow. It is kind of like childbirth and parenting. You are willing to endure the pain (at the soul level) because the result is priceless—and you will come out the other side having grown. God knows your heart and soul’s desire, and they work to make your soul’s longing a reality. Trust in them. They do know what is best for you, ALWAYS. Just leave it in GOD’s hands, and trust that it is all working out how it was meant to be, even in the darkest times. At the end of the darkness, you will return to the light. This is the way of God. You MUST experience darkness in order to be the light. We will talk more on this in future blogs.

6. Angels love to have fun.

Num-M-M-Ber S-i-i-i-ix [Michelle here. Michael, you are so funny, singing this number out to me.]

Yes, dear, even in the midst of serious circumstances, it is good to laugh and have fun, which brings me to my point… NUMBER 6: Angels love to have fun. Yes, I said this in 5 but it bears repeating in more detail here. Laughter is a human creation. Angels were created before humans, and did not know humor. When people started to giggle and guffaw at each other and themselves, it was like music to our ears. Ok, we don’t have ears, but you get the idea…LOL. We LOVE when people laugh, so we try to make it happen. If you do something silly like trip (not hurting yourself, of course) and go into contortions to keep from falling, we are delighted when you crack up. Joke with one another and roll in the aisles together—even when things are hard. Tell stories and use humor to lighten things up, especially when things seem very serious. Rather than simply distracting from the pain, laughter can actually help heal the body. For example, people confronting a potentially terminal illness are more likely to survive if they put aside worry and find ways to have FUN. Yes, it’s true. The body needs medical intervention, but the spirit that needs uplifting, through laughter and love and support. SO help each other to laugh. That is key!!!!

Ok, this is enough for now. If you want to know more, stay tuned to this bat place, this bat channel….LOL. Yes, I (we, all the angels) love cartoons too. And Google and Facebook. We love all of human creation. What you can come up with, using your minds and your hearts, is AMAZING!!!. As much as you will be amazed by us and our miracles when you call on us to help you, we are amazed by you and your creation. It is astounding what you can do when you set your minds to it and receive inspiration (which comes from God and the angels, by the way!).

Toodle-oo for now. Be back in touch soon!


What insights did you glean from this post? It is excerpted from my forthcoming book, The Nature of God: The Revelation with a section titled The Nature of Angels: The Pathway Back to God, which will include channeled messages from Archangel Michael answering all your questions about our winged guardians. The angels are eager to tell all! Stay tuned for additional information as the book nears completion. In the meantime, please post a comment to let me know how this writing impacts your life, your beliefs, and your relationships. Thank you for reading. I am so grateful to be sharing this work with you!

~ Michelle McCann
Author & Divine Channel



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