Blog and Email for November 29, 2020

Subject Line: Do you ask yourself, “Why am I here?” Open this if you’d like a clear answer!

Inbox Preview: The answer is simpler than you might think.


Good morning and Happy Sunday!

I’m delighted to share this week’s blog with you. The spirit team is having me “write from my experience.”

I’ll have you know I was not very happy about this! I worked SO HARD to LEARN TO CHANNEL, and now channeling is second nature to me.

Sorting out my OWN THOUGHTS and then PUTTING THEM IN WRITING for others to understand is WAY HARDER! I will say that while I didn’t want to do it at first, I’m quite enjoying it now! What I realized was that I was hindered by not feeling good enough.

So here goes, IN MY OWN VOICE. Hope you find the POWER OF THESE WORDS to be meaningful and helpful, which is what matters most.

Back to why you opened this email.

Have you asked yourself:

  1. “Why am I here?”
  2. “What’s the point of our existence?”
  3. And, oh yeah, “Why do we suffer so much?”

Well, I’ve gotten some CLEAR insights on the first two, and the answers are simpler than you might imagine!

We are here:

  1. “To LOVE and BE-LOVED” (When we love, we become beloved, get it?!?!)
  2. Fill in the blank (YOUR ROLE TO PLAY)

Let me tell a little story to illustrate how I came by this information.

My quest for understanding my mission and purpose has involved tremendous soul searching, which started in earnest in my early 30s.

I was working a corporate job (minding my business . . . LOL, pun intended), making good money and lots of great friends who are still an important part of my life today. I felt successful and fulfilled. Hubby and I had a delightful young son and were taking nice vacations, living comfortably, and building a beautiful life together.

Then 9/11 happened.

Overnight, along with the twin towers, my feelings of satisfaction and contentment collapsed.

After the attacks, my friend said I experienced an early midlife crisis. I knew I was meant to do more to help others, perhaps even try to prevent such horrors from happening again.

But, little ole me, how could I POSSIBLY do that?

I had no idea, but I KNEW DEEP IN MY SOUL that I needed to DO SOMETHING to contribute to making the world a better place—a place where people didn’t feel the need to blow up others in the name of religion and to help heal those who suffered such injustices.

I started thinking, “What role could I play?”

I went for career counseling at our local University of Delaware, and they guided me to some personality assessments.

I was DETERMINED TO FIGURE OUT what I was supposed to do. This was the pinnacle of my “digging deep, voracious learner” side coming out! The consultation and testing helped me clarify my interests but did not provide me with a CLEAR ANSWER.

Then a friend suggested I read the book, What Color is Your Parachute? By Richard Bolles. The angels were at work in my life even then, but I didn’t know it😊!

To be honest, I took the shortcut, not doing all the exercises or reading the whole book (back to last week’s disclosure that I tend to be a “disinterested learner” when things are too meticulous for me), BUT reading the Epilogue, “How to Find Your Mission in Life: God and One’s Vocation,” steered my course.

It was profound for me and led me to social work, which is a big part of MY #2—my ROLE TO PLAY.

According to Bolles, the mission that is UNIQUELY YOURS is:

  1. to exercise that Talent which you particularly came to Earth to use—your greatest gift which you most delight to use,
  2. in those place(s) or setting(s) which God has caused to appeal to you the most,
  3. and for those purposes which God most needs to have done in the world.

He also quotes Fred Buechner from Wishful Thinking—A Theological ABC as saying:

The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

Now #3—“Why do we suffer so much?”

I came across some YouTube videos (through synchronicity, of course!) of Robert Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift. His ideas really shaped the way I think about suffering.

I felt pulled to attend Schwartz’s workshop, “Awakening to Your Life Purpose, Discovering Your Life Plan.”

He holds workshops all over the world and was coming to a town about an hour away from me! I knew it was divinely guided. Then coronavirus hit and it was cancelled, so I thought maybe it was not meant to be after all.

As luck would have it, he offered the workshops online! I could do it from the comfort of my OWN HOME. As my Mama would say, “It all works out how it is supposed to.”

I found the workshop helpful, but also meticulous, which you know now can be problematic for me!

I had a great experience with the past life regression, returning to a life I had as an orphan. Through this exercise, I came to understand more about my fears of being poor and all alone.

Then we did the “Between Lives Soul Regression” where you get to meet the “Council of Elders” and ask questions about your plan for THIS LIFETIME.

Honestly, by the time we got to this part, I was on overload. I had a hard time concentrating on the questions asked during the hypnosis, but I got the answer to the most important question that brought me there: “Why am I here?”

I THOUGHT THE QUESTION WAS, “What did I come here TO DO?” BUT it turns out that was NOT why I was called to participate.

The message I received was LOUD AND CLEAR. I am here “to love and be loved.”

It’s amazing how our spirit team gives us answers to the questions that are DEEPEST IN OUR HEARTS ❤️—even if we don’t ask them.

WHAT I KNOW NOW is that when we LIVE THE WHY—THE #1—TO LOVE and BE LOVED, #2 unfolds like magic!

If you want to know more, check out Richard Bolles and Robert Schwartz and YES, MY BOOK, The Nature of God: The Revelation. Within these writings, you will find the cookie crumb trail to the answers YOU SEEK.

The spirit team just jumped in to echo that you are here for a REASON: TO LOVE AND BE LOVED. By loving and being loved, you open the unique gifts YOU POSSESS TO HELP HEAL THE WORLD.

And YES! They are saying you MAY NOT BELIEVE IT NOW, but YOU HAVE GIFTS TO GIVE that they are calling you to discover.

It’s time to GET BUSY. Start loving, being loved, and discovering what lights you up. Therein lies the way you can live a life of joy, abundance, peace, fulfillment, and success. This is what your SPIRIT TEAM WANTS FOR YOU (and FOR ME).

Thanks for reading. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead filled with peace, joy, angel blessings, and NEW DISCOVERIES ABOUT YOU!

’Til next week . . .

With love and gratitude,



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