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How did I come to do this? Although trained as a mental health professional, I experienced manic episodes and was subsequently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

Seeking a broader understanding of my experiences led me to teachers and mentors who gave me insight into what I now know was Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the beginning of my spiritual awakening. Find out more about my history.

The channeled messages appear under three separate blog sections, The Nature of God, The Nature of Angels and The Reconciliation. My book on these topics, The Nature of God: The Revelation is now available to order here! My memoir, When I Thought I Was Jesus: A Story of Mental Illness and Divine Connection will follow.

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On Bipolar and God: An interview with Kiana Fitzgerald and Michelle McCann about Spiritual Awakening

Bipolar Disorder: A New Narrative about Overcoming Shame & Embracing Beauty

Channeling From Michelle

Not lazy but exhausted

Grateful for the Gift of FINGERS!

August 22, 2021 Gosh, it has been some time since I’ve written here! On my end, it has been a whirlwind couple of months. I started to work on publishing my SECOND BOOK: Michael and Me: The ARCHANGEL Who Wants to Talk to YOU! Hard to fathom that I wrote (channeled)...
Sedona with Roomies

Poop, Toilets, the The Path to Enlightenment

What a crazy inspiration I got this morning (October 17, 2021), and I just had to share! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written, as I’ve been resting and taking care of myself after some tough times. I’ll save those stories for another day, but TODAY, I share...
The Sun Is Still There

The Sun is Still There, Even When You Don’t See It

This week’s message from Spirit: “The sun is still there, even when you don’t see it.” Let me provide some context to illustrate the message more fully. As of late, I have been savoring my morning spiritual routine, getting up at the crack of dawn before the rest of...

The Challenges of Running a Nontraditional Business — Interview with BrandSwan

https://youtu.be/WGnqsH7k8kc Do you struggle to explain what you do? Or maybe it's easy to explain but people don't think you can make money doing that. Or they don't understand the value proposition. There are so many different ways to do something you feel...

Bipolar Disorder: A New Narrative

Author & Divine Channel Michelle D McCann shares her story of overcoming her shame of being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and learning to embrace the label for the beauty and wonder it brings into her life, when kept under control.

Pink Sky

A Short And Sweet Message: Be in the Moment

Good morning Gentle People, Archangel Michael here! We are going to be short and sweet this week, succinct for a change. Michelle feels like we have been talking too much . . . LOL😊. Truly, she loves what we have to say, but she knows that time is a precious...
The Sun Peeks When We Look:)

Gratitude: Your Saving Grace

This week’s Sunday morning email is back to being a channeled message from the divine realms . . . whew! I hope you enjoy these insights from Archangel Michael and my Spirit Team. I found them a little heavy and serious at first, but they tell us “if you persevere,...
Note to Self

Why am I here?

Blog and Email for November 29, 2020 Subject Line: Do you ask yourself, “Why am I here?” Open this if you’d like a clear answer! Inbox Preview: The answer is simpler than you might think.   Good morning and Happy Sunday! I’m delighted to share this week’s blog...
Dance with Life

What’s the Point?

Blog and Email for November 22, 2020:   Subject Line: What’s the point? Inbox Preview: See “why we do things” with fresh eyes 👀!     Good morning, Gentle People😊,   I hope your Sunday is off to a good start. I have had a good week...
Courage Photo


Weekly Email November 15, 2020 Subject Line: Courage. Inbox Preview: Learn to embrace your courage (yes, we all have it!), for it can change your life. Hello GP (Gentle People): This is probably the shortest blog and email I will ever write. I talk too much, interrupt...

The Journey Begins

When I Thought I was Jesus: A Story of Mental Illness and Divine Connection

I have been keeping a secret from most of the people in my life for years now, and I have decided it is time to release my fears and bring my story into the light. My story is a memoir intended to...

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“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”  – Anais Nin

Through deeply profound and personal stories, Michelle’s memoir offers a new look at mental illness and psychosis. The author, who is trained as a mental health professional and was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder, was guided by her unshakable faith in a higher power to look for a more spiritual understanding of her illness. Her determination, with a touch of divine guidance, led her teachers and healers who are helping her overcome the “mental illness” label by  understanding her trauma history and her intuitive gifts of connecting to God/Jesus, guides, angels, and past lives. Her hope is that by sharing her story she — and others — may make meaning of these experiences and live joyful and spiritually guided lives.

Without darkness, nothing comes to birth. As without light, nothing flowers.

~ May Sarton, Poet



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